Instructors & Students' Lay, Makeout, HJ, BJ Field Reports Master List

My sitemap has recently gotten too long and complicated to easily keep updated so I'm making an entirely new page to handle all Field & Lay Reports in general. There's also a Masterlist of all Bootcamp Testimonials / Reviews including Field / Lay Reports during the actual program.

  1. Instructor Field & Lay Reports
  2. Student Field & Lay Reports (Post Bootcamp)
  3. [EXTERNAL] Reports in the AznLover Forum (Students and the Public)
  4. [EXTERNAL] Reports in the Playboy Club (Restricted to Alumni Only)


The Asian Playboy
  1. [6 Pics + Blindfold Pic] Vegas Bootcamp Hotel Night Lay
  2. [LR + 5 Pics with 1 Nude] From G-Rated to X-Rated in 60 Seconds
  3. [4 Babes, Too Many Options] Choose Your Own Adventure!
  4. Student Yellow Cab and APB Lay Report: Two Asian Brothers, Two Brunette Sisters
  5. [Video & Pics] Instructor APB: Sarging a Stripper Dancer from the AVN 2007 Awards
  6. Cold Approach to Blowjob in 15 Minutes (Blowjob Report)
  7. Hotel Lay Using Anti-LMR Tactics (Lay Report)
  8. Playboy Cybermodel Lay (Restricted Nude Pictures)
  9. Teaser Pictures of Four Different Lays and One Makeout (Restricted)
  10. Hero Worshipping AMOG (Stripper Lay Report)
  11. Is It Wrong to Date a Lesbian Porn Star?
  12. The All Mighty Logisitical Fuck Up (Missed Lay)
  13. Stripper Lay and Racist Text Message by AMOG
  14. New York Student Denied Due to Prejudice
  15. Racism Field Report 1 in Greenville
  16. What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas
  17. To Pull or Not to Pull During Bootcamp
  18. JT47319: Accidentally Sarging Ashley Simpson (OLD)

Approach Coach: Groove
  1. [5 Pics] Approach Coach Groove: Fun with Pictures!
  2. Approach Coach Groove's LR++: Threesome With Strippers
  3. Approach Coach Groove: Blow Job Report "Do You Like to Cuddle?"
  4. Approach Coach Groove: Lay Report "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number"
  5. Approach Coach Groove: Handjob Report Using APB'S Technique on the Dance Floor
  6. Student turned Approach Coach Groove's Testimonial of Asian Playboy's ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp

Instructing Intern: Toy Machine
  1. [3 Pics] Intern Toy Machine: Adventures of the Filipino Boy Toy, Part 3! or Triple Kissing Action!
  2. [2 Pics] Intern Toy Machine: Adventures of the Filipino Boy Toy, Part 2
  3. [4 Pics] Intern Toy Machine: Adventures of the Filipino Boy Toy, Part 1
  4. Intern Toy Machine: ANOTHER Hand Job Report!
  5. [1 Pic] Intern Toy Machine: Hand Job Report
  6. Student turned Intern Toy Machine's Testimonial (and Lay Report) of Asian Playboy's ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp

Guest Instructors
  1. Guest Instructor OCWaterBoy: First Threesome on the First Night In Brazil

  1. [CLIFF'S LIST AUDIENCE] MasterPiece: Using APB's Dance Handjob Technique


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