[4 PICS] Adventures of the Filipino Toy Machine, Part 1

As you might remember, Toy Machine took my bootcamp in Vegas last December. This is a short, young Filipino lad who hadn't gotten laid in two years AND he lived with his parents. Needless to say, he could have taken all those liabilities and accepted defeat OR instead of seeing them as obstacles, take them on as an OPPORTUNITY to succeed, excel, and improve.

On the final night of the Asian Playboy program, he was able to lay a pretty, big boobie brunette. And in the time after taking a bootcamp, he's hooked up with strippers, gotten handjobs, and been having a raging good time. Booyah, baby, booyah!

Well, Toy Machine just sent in some pics of his adventures. Here's part one of the Adventures of the Filipino Toy Machine. I'll also be parting up some of his hookup reports so stay turned as you witness the ongoing metamorphisis of this amazing young man.

As you look at the pics, also notice that one of things he uses to his advantage is having kick ass gear that separates him from the other average dorky chumps and the stereotype of an asexual Asian man. You can find and buy such gear from APB's PlayStore for Playboys.
Whats up fellas

Just thought I'd give you boys a heads up on what I've been up to lately.

Now rather than bore everyone with pages of FRs, I decided to share some photos of my recent adventures!!

Its been such a ride.


Me on the final day of the *Notorious AsianPlayboy Live Whoop-Ass In-Your-Face No Holds Barred Bootcamp*!

And they're about to eat me ALIVE!! Waaaah!

Same venue different chick LOL

Different venue different chicks

-Toy Machine

Signed, Asian Playboy


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