The Last of My Under $1000 Bootcamps!

Why am I raising prices? Well, let's just say that bump in tuition also means you're getting a lot more value. Namely, full blown handout and workbook (to be completed in March) personalized for every student. Just to name one new addition though there will be other changes. So stay tuned to this blog!

So here it is gentlemen, the big announcement. Actually I have several announcements although they all relate to one another:
  1. Payment and Checkout can now be done securely on two separate checkout pages via Paypal (external page) or Google Checkout.

  2. After Brazil and starting in March, bootcamp tuition WILL INCREASE. This applies to ALL programs.

  3. Those who have already locked in their bootcamp prices with a deposit will still pay the lower, discounted price. Those who want to lock-in the lower discounted price will need to put down a deposit via one of the two checkout pages

  4. NOTE: The deposit lock-in is good for one tuition increase which probably won't happen until late 2007 / early 2008.

  5. OCWaterBoy and I will be holding one of the last few $900 Group Bootcamps in Brazil for the weekend of Feb 16 - 18. Believe it people, this is the big Bootcamp Carnival. We've got the credentials (read all my student lay reports and testimonials if you don't believe me)... do YOU have the balls?

  6. The LAST GROUP BOOTCAMP UNDER $1000 will be in VEGAS for March 9 - 11. That's right, boys and girls, the place where I am 100% in getting at least one of my students hooked up in all THREE Vegas bootcamps I've done. OCWaterBoy and (perhaps) an Assistant Coach will be helping out so this is going to be BIG! Can I do 4 for 4? The real question is, CAN YOU AFFORD TO MISS OUT?

  7. Waiting too long and dragging your feet means you're going to miss out on the last of the UNDER $1000 bootcamp. So SIGN UP!
For any questions and/or issues, you can use my Contact Page to reach me or my e-mail.

And remember, all Bootcamp Attendees are offered a FREE phone consultation by signing up!

Signed, Asian Playboy


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