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[UPDATE: As of 9:30AM CST, the next issue of the newsletter has been sent out.]
Well, as some of you may have noticed, I accidentally sent off a blank newsletter the other day. Sorry about that, I must have hit the send button by mistake.

Anyways, I'm almost done with the next newsletter. I'm afraid I'm changing the format a little since writing 8 to 12 pages per newsletter (by myself) is simply exhausting work. Its now a little more compact and easier to digest instead of sending out an entire chapter's worth of material. HTML is enabled so please be sure to have it on so you can view it properly.

I'll be sending off the new issue later this morning. You can still sign up on the form in the right hand column.

Also, those of you who like to have daily updates via a RSS News Feed may rejoice! There's now an option to get daily updates delivered to your e-mail box instead of you coming to my site on a religiously daily basis. I appreciate the patronage, but I'm sure it gets tiring with all that clicking.

Now by signing up to the Daily News Feed, you can get an e-mail delivered to your door whenever I update and post a new article.

This is different from the regular Newsletter so sign up now to be informed whenever I write something droll, scintilating, and witty. The Newsletter has non-blog content while the Daily News Feed updates you as to when I've posted something new.

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