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For the NEW 2007 "ABCs of Attraction" Syllabus, be sure to check out these three (3) days and three (nights) of hard work and hard play!
  1. "ABCs of Attraction" Syllabus (Day 1, 2007)
  2. "ABCs of Attraction" Syllabus (Day 2, 2007)
  3. "ABCs of Attraction" Syllabus (Day 3, 2007)

I am putting out my Seduction Workshop/Bootcamp Course Syllabus and outlining what you, as a prospective client and student, can expect should you decide to participate in an Asian Playboy Seduction Workshop by providing a comprehensive Course Syllabus.

Therefore, I am outlining my Seduction Workshop Course Syllabus to include, but is not limited to, the points below:

Day One (Approach Anxiety Destruction / Single Sex Sets) –

Depending upon your skill level and if approaching is still a sticking point, the first day will consist of learning the approach.

  1. The ABC’s of Attraction – I will speak on how seduction, flirting, dating, and pick up is a linear process and what steps need to be taken in order to achieve the desired effect. This is an outline of what is essentially a 10 hour process and will include, but not limited to: DHVs, neg theory, DLVs, shit tests, AMOGing, openers, storytelling, closers, etc.
  2. Attraction Switches - Identifying Attraction Switches, how to trigger them, and how the student can implement them as part of his lifestyle and skillset.
  3. Story Telling - How to DHV (Demonstrate High Value), be an interesting person and engage the woman
  4. Body Language – I will critique your body language and provide constructive criticism on where specifically you can improve upon in walking, standing, and seated situations.
  5. Natural vs Canned – I will determine what style suits you (see Routines as Training Wheels for a fuller explanation).
  6. Natural Stacks - Creating Natural Openers as well as Natural story telling as a way to get started
  7. Approach Exercises (indirect) – I will go over several approach exercises designed to acclimate you to approaching single-sex sets.
  8. Buying Temperature Exercises – I will go over several ways to pumping up Buying Temperature (C&F, humor, games, cave manning, etc)
  9. Comfort Exercises – I will go over how to achieve rapport (both wide and deep) and how to qualify a woman.
  10. Spontaneity and Improv Exercise – I will both demonstrate and teach how to achieve spontaneous, genuine conversation
  11. Projection Exercise – I will demonstrate the proper projection techniques
  12. Building Identity – I will speak on the importance of having an identity, how to achieve both S&R Values, and ascertain how that applies to the client(s)’ current lifestyle and what stories he can create out of his life.
  13. Wrap Up & Cheat Sheet – I will help prepare the student(s) for his first night out on the town.

Day Two (Mid Game Lesson Plan / Mixed Sets)
  1. Tonality Exercise – I will both demonstrate and teach different types of tonality
  2. Advanced Spontaneity Exercise – This will be a combination of the Spontaneity and Tonality exercise
  3. Direct vs Indirect – I will go over the two different style
  4. Physical Presence Manipulation and Situational Awareness – I will go over how to maintain good body language, while manipulating the woman’s body for maximum effect (including isolation) and maintaining situational awareness of everything going around the client
  5. Approach Exercises (direct & indirect) – I will direct the student to perform both types and ascertain which suits his personality and style
  6. AMOG & Naturals – I will speak on AMOG theory, how to identify and learn from Naturals, and how to deal with them in mixed set situations.
  7. Fashion Makeover – If the student(s) desire, we will go to the nearest fashion district and review what allows the client(s) to convey the image of an attractive, sexual man.
  8. Wrap Up & Cheat Sheet – I will help prepare the student(s) for his first night out on the town.

Day Three (Late Game Lesson Plan / Isolation & Close)
  1. Phone Game Exercise – We will do two different phone game exercises in order to acclimate the student to speaking on the phone
  2. Sexual Attraction – I will go over achieving and eliciting a sexual state though S.E.C.T. I will also go over proper kino and kino escalation.
  3. Logistics – Closing the deal requires more than just Game, it requires preparation and planning. This will also deal with “Pimping your Pad.”
  4. LMR – Common tactics to dealing with LMR
  5. Inner Game (minorities only) – For minority students, I will speak on Inner Game and how to deal with the pressures of prejudice, racism, and AMOG/HB racists.
  6. Wrap Up & Cheat Sheet – I will help prepare the student(s) for his first night out on the town.

Night Game Policy

Here is perhaps where the most controversy resides. On one hand, as an instructor, I must demonstrate. There is no question to that. On the other hand, however, the student runs the risk of “losing” the instructor in case a set goes extremely well. Quite frankly, if I’m Gaming a gorgeous 10, I will go for the kill. I’m a man and a pick up artist. Realize that this is- as a PUA- what I do.

As PUAs, we are hunters, we are competitors, we are seducers. I’m the little Asian guy that would probably go up and steal your beautiful girlfriend if you weren’t my student and I didn’t know you. This is who I am as a PUA and why you’re hiring me.

If you wanted an asexual wallflower to teach you dating and flirting techniques, you can Google “Dr. Phil.”

However, my guarantee is that this will not happen within the two set per student policy (outlined below). Further requests for demonstrations, however, do not follow under this guarantee.

There’s also the risk that by using the instructor to simply demonstrate, the student is using me as a crutch and not approaching. By not approaching and applying all the principles, techniques and theories taught in class, the student cannot improve his skill set and lifestyle.

Here is where it stands now:

On each night, I will demonstrate two sets per student that must last at least 10 minutes and be showing IOI (Indicators of Interest) to me, whereupon I will merge the student into the set and let him take it from there. Remember, the goal is not for me to sarge for myself, but to get the client(s) in set and improving his Game.

If we venue change, I will demo one set as outlined above in order to get the ball and momentum rolling.

Any sets that do not meet these criteria will not be counted.

This is still a malleable policy and I welcome any additional thoughts on it.

I will encourage, push, and prod the student(s) into approaching sets (which could number up to 30 sets if need be), debriefing, and helping out when needed.
After each set, I critique the student(s) and provide an end of the night debriefing.

Responsibilities of the Client
  1. Be prepared
  2. Be willing to approach
  3. Be willing to learn
  4. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone
  5. Be willing to change
  6. Be positive
  7. Be honest with yourself
  8. Be honest with me
  9. Do not use the instructor as a crutch
  10. Provide constructive feedback and review at the end of the bootcamp

Should everything be adhered to by both myself and the client, then both parties will get everything that we came into this, and hopefully more.


I am doing this for two reasons:
  1. Increased Demand Means Increased Quality – As I've explained before in my blog, due to increasing publicity and demand, I am increasing my rate from $600 for a three day boot camp to $750 starting March 1st. This is still inexpensive compared to every other dating and pick up coach out there, but it is still a rate hike and it should therefore have a commensurate quality increase. In order to better myself as both an instructor and business man, I am specifically outlining a syllabus (further details can be found in My Bootcamp Experience and The Asian Man's Dating Coach) that I will adhere to so that all clients receive the high level of personalized service that they are expecting.
  2. The Recent Uproar over RSD – At Thundercat’s Seduction Lair, there has been a deluge of negative reviews of instructors not teaching what was originally promised by RSD’s presidents. As a large company with instructors around the world, quality control is always a difficult thing to manage and, in my estimation, will not be limited to RSD as other dating coach companies get bigger and become national in scope. That simply is the nature of big business. For me, however, I offer myself, my personal time, and personalized instruction. This is about accountability and, well, as the main guy in this endeavor I am the one accountable for everything. You’re not getting someone else. You’re not getting a PR rep. You’re getting me.

Please feel out the Bootcamp Contact Form for a FREE phone consultation or e-mail me for further questions or if you have suggestions to Asian Playboy’s Seduction Workshop Syllabus.

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