Project Hollywood & Neil Strauss Pics & Photos

UPDATE 2008: Click here for pictures of Neil Strauss' new Asian girlfriend as well as Asian Playboy with a perfect 10 pinup model!

UPDATE 2007:
Click here for news and a picture of the Neil Strauss / Lisa Leveridge / Robbie Williams love triangle!

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This is Katya, she who brought down Project Hollywood and broke Mystery's heart. A vivacious, fun, sexy little minx.
Katya, Mystery's Ex-Girlfriend

Here's Neil Strauss (aka Style from the book "The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists") This picture was taken at the 2004 LA Summit at Project Hollywood and here he is running a brief lecture with some five of his girlfriends. At the very beginning of the summit, all the men were divided into two groups: guys who LOOKED like they were getting laid and guys who DIDN'T look like they were getting laid. Which group would you be in?

New York Times best selling author Neil Strauss at the 2004 Los Angeles Pick Up Artist Convention

Here's the backyard of Project Hollywood. It was located a block off of Sunset Boulevard, one of the prime hunting grounds. Within walking distance were some of the best meat market bars and clubs full of LA wannabe models, sorority chicks, and just plain horny girls. There you can see the big ass pool and there was even a hot tub. I took the picture standing on the large plateau that Xaneus had his tent and lived in. Funny shit, you had people living in closets and big ass tents in the yard.

Project Hollywood, home to Neil Strauss, Mystery, Tyler Durden and company

Here's RyanStone, one of my best wings and friends who was also a dancer, breaking it down in Papa's master bedroom. Pretty pimp room except for all the interns who lived in the same room. Tyler Durden also lived in Papa's closet... BRING OUT THE GIMP!

RyanStone in Papa's Project Hollywood bedroom

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