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"Venusian Arts" is now a discontinued product.

Here's a fair, honest, and impartial review of The Mystery Method's new ebook "Magic Bullets" by Savoy.

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I'm flying out to Atlanta and I've sent out issue #1 to everyone who subscribed to my 8 pages of goodness.

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[APB-p2] Review of Mystery’s Ebook “The Venusian Arts
[Note: I am a Mystery affiliate so take the following as you will.]

BOTTOMLINE: There's really no reason you can't chuck $50 (or whatever the going price is) for a well crafted, knowledgeable, and professional ebook like this. It has earned Asian Playboy's stamp of approval so order the Venusian Arts Handbook Now!

THE FULL REVIEW: I recently received Mystery’s latest ebook called “The Venusian Arts”. It is undoubtedly one of the most professional looking seduction ebooks that I’ve had the pleasure of reading and it’s readily accessible, with several content-worthy chapters posted for free here. Bottomline, I don’t ever recommend something that I myself haven’t tried or used, and Mystery’s ebook, even though I already knew the all the material beforehand, is a must have for beginners and intermediate level guys.

A little background, I know the Mystery Method very well as well as Mystery himself (A great guy. Egotistical as all shit, but you do get the feeling that he cares) and it’s actually what I started off with way back when. I don’t practice all that he preaches since my own Game has evolved since then, but there is undoubtedly a great deal of hard won knowledge embedded in this 224 page ebook that’s simply invaluable. Each chapter is approximately 20 pages in length, have several illustrations and graphs explaining Mystery’s Method, as well as chapter conclusions with suggested newbie missions.

In “The Venusian Arts”, Mystery (oddly referring to himself in the 3rd person) spends the first few chapters explaining the evolutionary aspects of sex and attraction. Why women respond to social proof, why there’s ASD (Anti-Slut Defense), the cause of men’s socially programmed approach anxiety, S&R (survival and replication) values, cat string theory, and much more. In any case, he explains it quite logically and in a manner that will cause you to have one of those “Ah ha!” moments. It’s the underpinning of female to male behavior that once you’ve understood it, you’ll recognize it out in the field as well as in your own interactions with hotties.

The real meat, obviously, is the practical applications of Mystery’s Method and here he explains his M3 Model for a good 140+ pages choke full of explanations, examples, and pretty Powerpoint pictures. To put it in a nutshell, there’s Attract, Comfort, and Seduce. Where Mystery has expanded upon his previous body of work are the additional 3 sub-stages within each of the major stages. If you can’t do the math, that’s 9 stages to follow.

This very logical breakdown and linear process is probably a joy to read for the technical minded guys who have no inkling as to how to make women tick. For myself, however, I find it be an over-engineered approach to women. Now, don’t get me wrong, each step is both compelling as well as true in the field experience sense, night in and night out. You will, like I do, see all the sub-stages like A1, A2, A3, C1, C2, C3, etc. out in real life.

I can see, however, how this would work for guys who dig the elegance of linear math equations. It’s undoubtedly going to depend upon one’s own style: a more intuitive, fly-by-wire approach versus one that’s formulaically laid out in a clean, neat, step-by-step manner. Again, there’s actually NOTHING wrong with his lengthened formula, but there’s simply no way I myself am going to remember everything that needs to be accomplished in each sub-stage as laid out in the M3 Model.

But as someone who goes out in the field anywhere between 3 to 5 nights a week, I think it’s too clunky to actually map your flirtation with women in this way when you’re in the field with real women. My own style is an intuitive approach that’s based off of years in the field and an outgrowth/evolution of the highly structured curriculum that I was weaned upon. Nowadays, I’m more likely to forget all 9 stages and instead respond instinctually, unconsciously or consciously adjusting my Game in real time, with a more simply, overarching structure.

My own suggestion, for those planning on buying this book, is for you to read, understand, and learn each phase of M3. Internalize the process in other words and know how to handle each situation and sub-stage since you’ll encounter (hopefully) each and every single major stage and sub-stage at some point. But don’t get hung up on the details. Once out in the field, have the experience and skill necessary to recognize where in the stages of flirting/dating that you’re in, but don’t try and plug a square peg in a round hole. Sometimes a sub-stage here and there can be skipped because it simply doesn’t apply to the woman at hand for whatever factors.

And there are other times where it’s probably too distracting to analyze the situation while you’re talking, flirting, maintaining optimum body language, adjusting your tonality, anticipating her moves, anticipating potential obstacles, etc. Information overload in other words.

It’s like flying a jet fighter. You’ve got a yoke, throttle, radar, Buddha knows how many dials and gauges, flaps, beeping alarms, flashing lights, a radio screaming at you by an irate tower control operator… All the while you still have to be SITUATIONALLY AWARE of everyone (from her, you, random people, the bouncer, the bartender, your wingman, her wingmen, etc) and everything (chairs, tables, drinks, the music, etc) around you while you zig and zag in a blindingly fast, confusing, and emotionally intense dog fight.

Later on in the book, he includes the thoughts and writings of several other Mystery instructors (like Savoy, Lovedrop, Sinn, and material from Style) and introducing more recent elements of Mystery’s Method like Compliance Theory. Probably the only major complaint that I have (other than M3 being too long) is the lack of emphasis on body language, tonality, and Inner Game. “The Venusian Arts” only explains these vital concepts in a page or two (and none at all devoted to Inner Game). It would also have been nice if Mystery (and contributors) had given anecdotes from real life encounters at each sub-stage, if only to add both entertainment value and verisimilitude.

For more about body language and building Inner Game, I suggest you read OCWaterBoy’s review of Shark’s “Attract & Date 8CD Set.” It’s an awesome product that emphasizes the importance of Inner Game (living outside of societal programming and the Matrix) and Direct Game in contrast to Mystery’s obvious preference for pure technique and an indirect approach. Both Inner Game and Outer Game, in my opinion, are essential for any man who wants to live a full, healthy, fun life with beautiful women.

In the end, as someone who cut his teeth on Mystery’s pioneering and instructions, I don’t think there are any real major flaws in this ebook, quite the opposite in fact. I liked it even though I already knew all the information presented. Visually speaking, “The Venusian Arts” is a very professional ebook and it is quite hefty (weighing in at 224 pages) where each page is packed with a plethora of information and advice laid out in a logical, accessible manner. For those inexperienced with women who have never been introduced to this type of information, it will prove to be a mind-blowing experience.

In other words, if you’re a newbie and don’t want to fork over a large outlay of cash for a bootcamp or other products this would be great for you. An average person will probably be familiar with most of the aspects of the “The Venusian Arts”, but it could serve as a way to refresh your Game if it’s been growing stale or sloppy as well as add some extra elements you might not have been aware of. An experienced person, especially if you’ve started striking out on your own with your own style that suits you, may get something out of it but it’ll probably just reaffirm your own understanding of the Game.

It’s inexpensively priced and a great way to introduce a person who’s just starting to get his feet wet to the M3 Model. But if you’re a newbie who’s an addict to all these seduction products and DON’T go out in the field, why even fucking bother with the mental masturbation? Like Mystery says, “The Game is played out in the field.” Don’t be a keyboard jockey, get your ass out in the field and practice what you’ve learned. Take a bootcamp if you can’t push yourself to do it on your own. Seeing it in the field and practicing Game intensively for a weekend is a HUGELY different from simply reading it and sitting on your ass. You definitely won’t regret the huge amount of knowledge that you’ll learn as well as simply making you a better person with intimate knowledge of social dynamics.

A free excerpt from “The Venusian Arts” can be found here to whet your appetite. You can also go directly to Mystery’s website to pick up the full version for yourself here.

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