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I know that it can be very confusing navigating through the Asian Playboy blog. It remains one of the very first seduction blogs, the first one dedicated to helping minorities overcome cultural obstacles, is over 4 years old and has almost a thousand posts.

The blog has gone through multiple forms of evolution as I and my company have changed, improved, and evolved throughout the years.

So to aid you- both my loyal readers and to welcome the growing community of newcomers- I've complied a list of the:
  1. Top 10
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Top 10
  1. Asian American PUAs vs FOBBY Asian PUAs - How and why certain groups of Asians are more successful sexually and dating wise due to limiting beliefs in racism and prejudice.
  2. How to Pull a White Girl into Your Asian World (ie the Asian/Exotic Attraction Switch) - How to successfully use your background, culture, and race to your advantage and be more successful in dating outside of your race.
  3. How to Be Cool - Certain guys are so cool that every woman wants him and every guy wants to BE him. Here are 5 ways to be cool and 5 ways NOT to be cool.
  4. Dear Asian Playboy: "Defend Us From the Haters!" - A letter from a fan asking for a way to "defend ourselves when the haters try to use this site as evidence that Asian men like white women the most but just can't get them."
  5. Learning Gimmicky Tactics vs a Holistic Structure - The difference between those who want to learn flash game, gimmicks, and learns versus building a personal foundation for personal growth and excellence.
  6. The Asian Machosexual VS the White Metrosexual - How to use fashion and body language to embody a successful, masculine confidence, machosexual as opposed to the more effiminate, dandy metrosexual.
  7. A Real Solution to the Asian American Interracial Dating Disparity - The only true and effective way to fight against the growing dating disparity in a positive, constructive manner.
  8. 4 Ways to Build Comfort with Women - How to properly run C-Game (Compliance, Comfort, & Connect). Having the ability to build comfort with a woman in any setting will make it so that you won't have to try so hard to deal with external circumstances that can ruin a good time.
  9. The REAL Reason Women CLAIM They Dislike Pick-Up Artists - Women who dislike pickup secretly want to keep you down because if you do improve your posture and body language, learn how to convey confidence through your vocal tonality, and learn how to convey your personality in a way that allows you to romantically connect with women, then they're going to have less pre-screening advantages to rely on.
  10. [PICS] 5 Tips to Gain Social Proof & Passive Value - Learn what social proof is (using real life pictures & examples of famous PUAs) and how to gain that irresistable sexual charm with these 5 easy tips.

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