The Asian Machosexual VS the White Metrosexual

We don't dress up our students with feather boas or nail polish or to put pink highlights in their hair; that's just gay.
A metro sexual is a straight man who embraces the homosexual lifestyle, i.e., refined tastes in clothing, excessive use of designer hygiene products, et.c, Usually he is on the brink of homosexuality (definition provided by

We've all seen metrosexual pickup artists walking around with eye-liner (aka guy-liner), black nail polish, feathery fashion accessories, New Rock boots, dagger pendants and excessively tight pants. While these fashion choices may work well for tall, good-looking, high-cheek-boned white men, they come off as borderline, if not completely, homosexual for the Asian American man.

For the former, a metro sexual appearance and demeanor serves to balance out the already built-in machismo and heterosexual vibe that those men have. These men are ASSUMED to be hitting on the girl by default, so this deflection serves to tone down those advances-- they allow the man to disqualify himself so that the girl doesn't have to.

But for guys like me, 5' 6", Vietnamese American, and far from being considered tall, white, high-cheek boned, muscular, or chiseled, metrosexual clothing accessories and body language actually disqualify us twice:
  1. First, we are automatically disqualified in that we are not assumed to be a romantic interest in the woman's standard dating template in her mind, and
  2. Second, by dressing and behaving in a metrosexual way, we are further enforcing the idea in her mind that we are not a viable sexual interest for her (due to implied homosexuality).
So the dilemma is to figure out how to dress in a way that stands out, while simultaneously avoiding the implied homosexual vibe that comes with metrosexual clothing and demeanor.

The ABCs Of Attraction's solution to this problem: The Macho Sexual!

Men of Asian descent are traditionally not taught to have a manly demeanor, or to dress in a fashion forward way. The ABC's of Attraction teaches it's students how to dress fashionably edgy, without looking wierd.

We don't dress up our students with feather boa's or nail polish or to put pink highlights in their hair; that's just gay. Being macho sexual means bringing out the best qualities in a man that are most attractive to a woman, including clothing, fashion accessories. shoes, body language, facial expressions, and voice intonation.

Graduates of our bootcamp learn how to highlight their most masculine qualities to maximize attraction with the hottest ladies. Get the Asian Edge like:
Are you tired of not being considered a romantic option for the girl sitting right across from you? Are you tired of not being considered "manly?"

It's time to take matters into your own hands.

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