Partying with Neil Strauss, Mystery, Matador, and the cast of VH1 The Pick Up Artist 2

As if that shouldn't have been self-obvious enough. LOL.

So I'm going up to Style's mansion (not quite Project Hollywood of the good ol' days, but close) for the VH1 viewing party of Season 2's The Pick Up Artist as a guest.

I bring in my entourage three of my homegirls and a date. But I'll let the pictures tell the story...

Click on them, you know you want to!

So as we watch on VH1's The Pick Up Artist 2, poor Kevin gets booted off the show because he couldn't master his Approach Anxiety. I still remember MY FIRST SET (see me re-enact it on YouTube!) and it didn't go much better than Kevin's, but with hard work, anyone can master it.

As you can see, yes, the infamous Blood Hawk, red streaks with shaggy faux hawk and steps on the side, that I invented in 2006 and other great PUAs like Adam Lyons and Sinn has since copied adopted is BACK!

For being fashionably edgey and trendy without being too peacocky (for conservative guys, you can opt out of the red and steps on the side and simply push down your hair during office hours), the Blood Hawk hairdo is the BEST hairstyle for Asian men who have thick, coarse straight hair like mine.

Now, in attendance, aside from main man Mystery, was my old wingman Matador who was kind enough to do an "accomplishment intro" to my date and tells her all about (with only mild exaggerations :-) how we've both worked our way up through the times from waaaay back in the day (like 4 or so years ago, damn I'm old) and how I pioneered the ULTIMATE DIRECT SEXUAL GAME & CONFIDENCE FOR ASIAN MEN.

Here's one of my homegirls that I brought...

Here we have J-Dog from Season 1 of the show with contestants Kevin Feng and Brian Ly:

Now Neil Strauss is there with his girlfriend. While I'm talking with Style, his girl starts talking to my date and suddenly...

(also pictured, Christian who is one of Sin's- the original Sin from Neil's book- coaches)

They both disappear!

And I'm thinking, is this really happening? Did Style just AMOG-occupy me while his girlfriend isolated my girl in order to set some crazy, Johnny Wolf-esqe threesome? or am I imagining this and being paranoid? LOL.

But all's well that ends well... After drinking a liiiitle too much, here we are back at Project Forbidden City at "Oh Dark Early 5 am."

P.S. Check out all of our action packed, life altering ABCs of Attraction events!

[UPDATE: My hot date, for the curious, is Shay. She was labeled the PINUP CENTERFOLD / "CUSTODIAN" on the TYRA BANKS SHOW]

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