Sleeping With Seattle

(This article was written for Baller Magazine, a lifestyle poker magazine where I am the featured writer. This was a month ago at the Seattle 09 Bootcamp)

It’s 4:49am at the Los Angeles International Airport and I'm huddled beneath my black-red motorcycle jacket, sitting next to a gangly white guy with long, blonde hair in tight black jeans, black cowboy boots, a black v-neck t-shirt and sunglasses giggling at his cell phone like a school girl.

The elderly German couple across the row are eyeing us suspiciously.

Despite all the number closing and kiss closing and club pulls, the most important connections that have been made have been between us and the students, and those types of connections last forever.
He’s begun giggling so hard that I find it within myself to push through the early-morning grogginess and nudge him with my steel-tipped, black motorcycle boots and ask him, “What’s so damn funny?”

He puts his face in his hand, still cracking up, and shoves his Blackberry into view. I lean in to focus on a picture of a very attractive brunette (what we could call ‘a 10’), sitting completely naked and spread-eagle in her bedroom mirror, a picture clearly taken by her own cell phone.

“It’s 5 in the morning,” he says “and I made this girl so horny she couldn’t sleep, so now she’s sending me naked pictures while she plays with herself!”

He is reduced to doubling over in self-empowered laughter while the onlookers frown disapprovingly, assuming he’s either high or insane.

In all fairness, I was the one that put him up to it. My name is JT, although the media knows me as The Asian Playboy.

I am the CEO and Founder of the now world-famous ABCS of Attraction, an Indie Pick-Up company that I started back in 2005 when a mother in Canada contacted me, asking me to teach the tactics and techniques of pickup that I had spent countless hours deciphering and developing (while working for NASA as a rocket scientist) to her son who had been harassed throughout highschool by neo-Nazis.

I am a 5’6” Vietnamese man of average build, spikey black hair with red streaks, and in college I had THE hot, blonde girlfriend. After that relationship, I resolved to find out how it was that I could get women of that caliber while my other Asian friends struggled so much.

It would have been great if I was born tall, dark and handsome. Alas, I'll just have to settle for being short, stunning, and smooth.

“What?” You ask. “A short, average Asian man with a tall blonde girlfriend?? IMPOSSIBLE!

“Nay, sir.” I say. It is possible and now I travel around the world teaching men how to meet and attract these women: the women of their dreams.

Back in the airport, the longhaired rocker type in hysterics to my left is Gareth Jones, a coach for my company, and I’ve given him the arduous task of breaking down text-message flirting to an ABCs formula that we can teach called "iGame: From Text to Sex."

He’s been experimenting non-stop for weeks and has just figured out the pattern, leaving him in an Archimedes-like state of ‘Eureka!’

Unfortunately, it’s happening in LAX as we wait for the plane to Seattle at the butt crack of dawn next to a perturbed group of retirees from The Fatherland.

We’re leaving for the weekend to teach men the skills to attract any woman they want, while becoming the man that she wants. Using psychology and evolutionary biology, I have developed a series of steps- called the ABCDEF Structure- involved in meeting, attracting and educing a woman.

No, ‘educing’ is not a typo. Educing is a process by which something is developed, for instance, a relationship. Seducing is the idea of tricking someone into doing something and we don’t roll like that.

We are not seducers, we are femininthusiasts. Sex-positive feminists, if you will. I see you have questions and I’ll get to those in a minute.

We arrive in Seattle to rain. Torrential rain. Coming from 78 degree California weather to frigid downpour is disheartening and the 9am cab ride to the hotel is silent as we are both gazing out the windows and undoubtedly considering travel logistics to and from the clubs with the women we will pick up.

Little do we know, the women he and I will pick up are going to be a matching pair of six-foot models (mine being a fitness-obsessed, blond Amazon and his a tall, tanned brunette). Knowing this would’ve made the cab ride much brighter, but I’ll save that story for another time.

He and I reach the hotel and are taken to our room on the 20th floor where, later, we will meet this weekend’s three students and begin to form a very strong brotherly and emotional bond that will last a lifetime.

Our first student, Sam, arrives fifteen minutes early to the hotel. He is a well-dressed and well-spoken Asian that smiles a lot and striking in his calm This weekend Sam- who was completely inexperienced in the ways of bars, clubs, and women- will use our Kickstart Opener and have a gorgeous brunette so hot that she’ll be straddling him while they’re making out in our private booth.

Security will have to apologetically step in and tell her she can’t be giving “those kind of dances” in the club.

Our second student, Adam, comes right on time at 4pm. He starts out a fairly bland and passive Asian guy with a profound inability to be sexually dominant. As if life wasn't already unfair enough, the poor soul is also a computer programmer. By Night 2 of the bootcamp, he will be the one to take home a stunning little Asian girl for his first ever club pull.

He will be late the next day because he is very tired, but also very, very successful.

Sebastian is our third student and is 45 minutes late. He will be late for everything. He arrives at the hotel flustered and without his clothes for tonight. He speaks broken English and he wields the lifeless “Asian Poker Face.” Sebastian is an all too familiar case when it comes to FOBs from the old country.

Born into a wealthy family from a 3rd world Asian country, he isn't used to the 21st century way of dating where victory in the battle of the sexes is achieved through skill, charisma, and charm.

It will be this old world, misogynistic attitude that we have to crack.

Despite some of the hang-ups, the weekend is a success for Gareth and I. We have spent three, very long, very arduous days teaching these students as much as we can, pouring our brains into theirs and hoping little ideas and tactics grab on.

We’ve stayed up all hours of the night rehashing techniques and considering sticking points and woken up very early... okay... reasonably early… to meet the students and give them the next day’s lecture.

It is our goal to give them the answers. If they have problem being dominant, we teach them how to be. If they have a problem conversing, we teach them how and if they have a problem taking what’s given to them, we teach them that, too.

We’ve pushed all that we can, hoping that the motivation we provide will not travel back to LA on the plane with us and we also hope that we have done our job to make these men feel better about who they are and what their place in this world is.

Pick Up is about connecting with the other people on the very outskirts of your life and all weekend we have tried to teach these guys how to make those connections.

Despite all the number closing and kiss closing and club pulls, the most important connections that have been made have been between us and the students, and those types of connections last forever.

Take charge of your dating lifestyle have options in your life. And become the MAN you were always DESTINED to become.

Join me in the next Seattle Bootcamp in 2010.

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