The 10 Pillars of Inner Strength (Holistic Game, Part 3)

Inner strength is the ability to move through the world with your balls firmly dangling between your legs and those around you groveling as you walk through petals of roses thrown on the ground in front of you by a harem of women. It is the Walk of Khan given substance, form, and life!

LOL, ok, all kidding aside, of course this isn't what true inner strength is, but essentially you move through the world with the utmost personal confidence that can not be shaken by any external forces. Think Jesus minus the miracles or any revolutionary public figure who rose from nothing to influence the masses.

This inner strength comes from the mental toughness of an individual, personal experience and their unapologetic attitude towards their own behavior. Essentially, your inner strength is broken down by two main components. External Confidence and Internal Confidence.

Internal Confidence vs External Confidence

There are many people who have delusional confidence in which they believe that they are a lot better at certain things than their skill level justifies. The reason for this could have been because they had a SINGLE experience in which they achieved some level of success and they linger on that success for as long as their delusion lasts.

For someone less experienced, getting women to laugh may be his only justification for believing he is good with women when in reality he may still be a virgin. Internal confidence comes from many things which can be explained through the 10 Pillars of Inner Strength. Additionally, external confidence can be attributed to things that require a certain level of skill or physical actions.

They will be labeled as (I) for Inner Confidence and (E) for External Confidence.

The 10 Pillars of Inner Strength

Usually the reason why people do not feel comfortable in their own skins or lack confidence is their lives are imbalanced in one or more of the following categories (listed in no particular order of importance, continued after the jump):
Developing these 10 pillars of inner-strength are vital to becoming an attractive and confident male. They become a part of you and it is internalized into your belief system. Having a good paying career in which you are respected and valued speaks volumes for an individual.

When a person tells you that they are the president of a company or a New York Times Best Selling Author you can get a sense of what type of person they are. It takes a lot of talent, effort, and hard work to get to the higher levels of any career and to be at that level reflects positively on you (E).

Your fitness is another way of showing that you care about your health. It conveys vitality, discipline, and other positive attributes (E).

Possessing sexual prowess is obviously attractive to a woman because it shows that you know how to please a woman in ways that most men can't (E).

Your moral fortitude is exemplary of the decisions you make, how you interpret what goes on around you, and is important in the growth process of your character. This trait will determine whether or not you'll be respected or disregarded by others (I).

Being competitive shows passion, drive, and the ability to strive for what you want. To get the best, you must want it and fight for it. What you do in life will either fade into obscurity or will live on through some other form. You want your life to be full of purpose. Without purpose you're just occupying space (I).

To understand where you came from is important in maintaining your identity. Your family and culture play a huge role in how you perceive yourself. The more you know about yourself will give you the confidence to be who you are around others comfortably (I).

Finally, the education and knowledge you receive is constantly reinforcing itself and becomes a part of you. Acquiring knowledge allows you to be prepared before you take action knowing that you can do so with ease (I).

Mastering these 10 pillars of inner-strength will give you the confidence to be the best man you can be. Nobody can take away what you've achieved and the only way we get judged in this world is by what we do. Not by what we think we can do and not actually have anything to back it up.

Developing your inner strength is the most important aspect of holistic game.

Your inner strength will influence how you approach every situation that presents itself to you. You can either fold to the pressure around you or utilize your inner strength to blast through any obstacles you face.

The tenacity to never want to give up is another vital aspect of inner strength. This is where you will use this persistence to work on holistic game in its entirety.

For the average person; having inner strength is to exude an air of confidence and complete comfort with oneself. You can build your inner strength a few ways. Here are a few things you should know to guide you in the right direction

Relieve Yourself of Negativity.

I understand that we all have not had the same experiences.

Many people have experienced some truly hurtful times in their lives and it may still be affecting them to this day. Whether it was a rough childhood, racism, a grudge you've had with someone, or some other hurtful experience. Some people never let go of these emotions and it ends up building up a lot of tension that can lead to serious physical, psychological, and emotional damage.

The best way to relieve yourself of negativity is to first find out where the negativity is coming from. If you have a relationship that is difficult to avoid (ie: family) then you should take the time to truly voice out in a calm setting what has been bothering you. The main focus is to get out all of the negative emotions.

Hopefully the person you're trying to fix the relationship with is understanding and they too make the effort to fix the relationship. If they do not and you feel like you've tried all that you can it would be best if you stay away from that person. It's better for your health. If the person wants to see you again they'll make the effort to fix the relationship as you have tried in the past to do.

If you've had an experience where you constantly received negativity from others then you should take the time to talk about these feelings with a person who really cares. If this is something that persists, then you can be the bigger man and take a stance that everyone can respect.

Think of great men like Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, and other great men who used their inner strength to battle the external negativity attacking them. The point is to tackle the problem head on and find a way to benefit from the situation.

The main point of this is to deal with these issues that have been plaguing you because you will not be able to live a happy lifestyle until you handle them.

Identify Your Belief System

The results you get in anything you do derive from a few processes that begin with your belief system.

What you believe influences your thoughts, your thoughts influence your actions and your actions determine your results. If you believe that women choose men with a strong personality over men with good looks then the processes which lead to your actions will dictate the result of your interactions.

A person with this belief system will not have any limiting beliefs about looks, most likely will have acquired certain attributes that are congruent with his belief system and will result in more success with women. It is important to identify what your beliefs are and determine how beneficial these beliefs are when it comes to women. To find out what your beliefs are about women; answer these following questions with your opinions about them.

Take time to read over your answers and ask yourself if the beliefs you have are beneficial or detrimental to you when attracting women.
  1. What kind of men do women want to sleep with?

  2. What are the attributes of an attractive male?
There are obviously a lot more questions you can ask yourself in relation to your belief system, but the two aforementioned are important to identifying the reasons for why you go about doing the things you do when interacting with women you are attracted to.

If you find that your beliefs are skewed or have no idea how to answer these questions then the easiest way to answer these questions is to try out what you learn about dating and form an opinion. This would be the basis of your belief system.

Obviously you want a solid belief system that is congruent with getting women and improving your lifestyle.


Developing inner strength comes from experiencing success. Of course, the only way you can gain experience is by taking action. When taking action, you want to go about doing so through methods with a higher success rate.

Experience is also what separates a confident man from a man who is pretending to be confident. The man who is pretending to be confident has no experience and lies to himself that he is actually successful with women when he has rarely been with women if at all. The confident man has already had enough experience with women that it becomes second-nature to him.

To get some practice in, you can do the 30 Day Direct Game Challenge.

Acquire Attractive Attributes, Discard Unattractive Habits (AAA vs DUH)

How you are perceived can be broken down by highlighting some noticeable attributes of your personality.

To become an attractive man you must first identify what the attributes are of an attractive male and work on making it a part of you. Alternatively, you should identify the negative aspects of yourself and replace them with better attributes.

The attributes which you have already acquired most likely occurred subconsciously for a myriad of reasons over the course of your life. In any case, it certainly helps to identify what the positive and negative attributes are so that you can work on improving yourself.

What you can start doing is make a list of all the attributes you desire to have and also write a list of negative attributes about yourself that you would like to discard. Ask people that know you well if you're stuck. Also write down the positive attributes you already have so you can see what you have going for you already.

When you're done, write down what you can actively do each day to acquire that attribute.

For example, if you want to be more spontaneous then make it a note to do one random and fun thing each day. Eventually you can expand on that and do something random and fun with a friend, then a group of friends, and so on.

If one of your negative attributes is speaking softly, then make it a note to speak louder.

These are a few ways you can work on building your inner strength. If you eliminate one bad attribute every month and replace it with a positive attribute; imagine what kind of man you will be by the end of the year.

Even more so, imagine when you have every aspect of your holistic game put together. You'll be unstoppable!


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