How to Pull a Girl into Your Asian World (ie the Asian/Exotic Attraction Switch)

There are two types of Asian naturals that I've come across in my adventures across the globe. There's the "Azn Pride" type who drives imports, hangs out only in the Asian side of town, dates only Asian girls and acts/is street. The other type, colliquially known as "White Washed", are the ones who hang out only with their white friends, dates only white girls, and is ashamed of bringing a white girl home because he's afraid his mom is going to embarass him with her FOBby accent and foreign ways.

In either case, these guys are decently successful with women, but it's usually IN SPITE of being Asian rather than BECAUSE they're Asian. In other words, one rejects it in total and the other goes to the extreme and zealously embraces it blindly. In either case, it defines them versus being simply and NATURALLY part of who they are.

And one of the interracial dating strategies that I use, is that I use my "Asianness" to my advantage. Being Asian is who I am no matter what. I'm not going to shove it in people's faces, but it's there and I'm not going to ignore it. And, in fact, I've found ways to use being Asian to be more successful in the dating scene considering that, in many cases, women have weak frames and you can easily pull a woman into your reality of being a man with a real defined sense of identity and culture.

So here are 5 APB-Approved Asian Edges YOU can do to pull a white/black/latin girl into your Asian world:
  1. Take Off Your Shoes - Always have a shoe rack. And a coat rack. Always. The first thing the girl does when she comes over to your crib is to DISROBE. And if she ask why? Just tell her your Asian. I have NEVER had it not work. Women accept your frame and reality as part of the culture. Which in turn becomes a passed Compliance Test. It's a small little thing, but- hey- now she's more physically comfortable with you at home. This comes in handy especially when you're disrobing her and want to use the patented ABCs 2-Step Clothes Remover!
  2. Chopsticks are Fun! - If you're going to go eat, I always like to take her to some Asian restaurant. Not sushi (unless she's down) as I've run across many (usually non-East/West coasters) who aren't adventureous enough to try raw fish. Places like pho (for that quaint, "mom & pop" shop feeling) to Beinehana's (for the cooking show). And I ALWAYS tease her about the way she holds her chopsticks. I'll poke fun at her saying how she needs the "baby chopsticks with rubber bands." And if the vibe is right, I'll even feed her with the chopsticks.
  3. Experienced Asian Man Attraction Switch - This is like being a wine connoisseur. You want to know your stuff, but not come off as bragging. You want to be able to educate her about certain aspects of your life, but without coming off as either pedantic or showy. For example, if the topic is travel, I can skip from talking about England to how there's a similar legend in Vietnam with our own version of Excalibur and other myths about princesses and other romantic figures.
  4. Exotic Asian Man Attraction Switch - Similar to the above, but here we start talking about those "exotic Oriental sex secrets." LOL, yeah I know, sounds goofy, but it works. From the tantric sex, to the Kama Sutra, to shiatsu massages, don't be afraid to work it in there if A) It's something your familiar with and B) It flows with the conversation and progress of the relationship.
  5. Teach Her Naughty Words - Everyone wants to know how to cuss in a foreign language. It's just human nature. So teach how to say, "I like it doggie style" and then tell her what it means AFTER she says it. Gets a naughty laugh everytime!
Other stories and maneuvers I have in my toolbelt:
Some of these items I do teach during an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp, but not all of them or even most of them as the bootcamps- while integrating some aspects of interracial dating & pickup- is primarily designed to give you a Holistic Gameplan versus over specialization.

So try them out here, make some of your own, and let me know how it goes!

Oh, and don't forget, download your free copy of the "Enter the PUA" teaser ebook (that discusses some of these strategies) by subscribing to the ABCs of Attraction Newsletter in the signup form at the top. Some of the stories I listed here will be disclosed in an upcoming product line so be the first ones in line when I announce what and when it is!

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