(Advanced) Conveying Sexuality

What often puts men in the friend zone is their inability to be seen by the woman as a sexual partner. For the less sexually experienced man it can be a daunting experience that sometimes causes anxiety when attempting to escalate sexually with a woman.

Additionally, as great as conversation is it doesn't get you laid. Let's face it. A woman wants a man who can please her in all types of ways. It can be emotionally, but usually means sexually.

Of course you can balance the two if you know how, but we're going to be discussing the latter in this article.

Passive Value

Your passive value is a determining factor in how a women perceives how fuckable you are. When men look at a woman's attire we can usually come to a conclusion about how sexual a woman is by the way she dresses. regardless of how true it is. A woman in a turtleneck sweater and khakis does not look as sexual as a woman with a low cut dress and a mini-skirt. Alternatively, a man does not seem to possess much sexuality when he's wearing a fully buttoned up polo shirt that's tucked in to his cargo shorts and sporting a bowl cut. It's important to keep in mind that your fashion is an extension of how you view yourself.

Fashion can be negated when you have a recognizable social status and reputation. If you look at Brad Pitt in, "Fight Club" he's wearing a tight fish net t-shirt. It's probably one of the gayest looking articles of clothing that can be worn but he still manages to maintain his masculinity in it. He can pull it off because he's Brad Pitt. If you're known to be around tons of beautiful women, then other women assume that you've probably slept with a good number of them. At that point it doesn't really matter what you wear.

Body language communicates sexuality in a subtle way. When you occupy more space, move slowly, have good eye contact, and have good posture it conveys confidence. It also shows that you're aware of how you're being perceived. Your body language can be interpreted as how you feel on the inside. Women usually associate a man with good body language as possessing higher levels of sexuality than a man who does not have good body language.

Sexual Attitude

Having a sexual attitude is important when conveying sexuality to a woman. Here's why...
If the woman is spending time with you then there is always a chance for her to become sexually interested in you in the interaction. Let it be known that if you're sexually attracted to her that she understands this. Be bold and don't hold back.

If the woman is spending time with you then there is always a chance for her to become sexually interested in you in the interaction. Let it be known that if you're sexually attracted to her that she understands this. Be bold and don't hold back. If you have to think about taking her hands and putting it around your neck to eventually kiss her then you're not conveying sexuality. You're conveying nervousness and a lack of confidence in yourself. Believe that women can be attracted to you. How would you feel if a woman would've fucked you had she known that you weren't just trying to be her friend? Probably not so good.

Let's take a step back. When a woman is smiling, sitting with you, chatting and occasionally touching you (we call these IOI's or indicators of interest) then assume it's okay to move forward. From the moment you get your first few IOI's just turn on that sexual attitude. Turn the conversation into sexual bantering (flirting), talk about sex, raise her BT and just go straight into direct interest. Having the attitude of, "I'm sexually attracted to you, I know you're sexually attracted to me too, but I'm not going to make it that easy for you to sleep with me" is a great way of building sexual tension and sexual attraction in the woman. Don't back down, but don't be a date rapist either. Remember, take two steps forward and one step back.

Shit Tests

If the woman is really into you then she'll most likely give you shit tests. At this point she's really considering fucking you and she doesn't want to be hooking up with a phony. Occasionally she'll attempt to ward off your sexual advances in a few ways. So your conversation is turning sexual and she tells you that you've probably cheated on all of your girlfriends. Don't take this as an insult, but as a shit test. A test of your confidence and to see if you can really back up your talk. I prefer to use cocky/funny and would probably say something along the lines of, "Wow! I don't usually get accused of cheating this early...don't you think we should get to know each other first?" This turns the tables around on her. You'll probably get a few more shit tests throughout the interaction.

When you're sexually escalating she may ward off your kino just a little bit. If you attempt to kiss her and she stops abruptly or moves your hand away from her vagina then just take a step down the compliance ladder. So if you were going for a kiss on the lips and she rejects it, just move to holding her hands or kissing her somewhere else. If you were rubbing her vagina, then move down the ladder and just rub her inner thighs near her vagina. Continue moving one step forward and one step back until you get to wherever you were planning on going. In case you didn't know, sex is the last step of the escalation ladder.

A few other notes

It's important to qualify the woman to gauge her level of sexuality. That's why it's important to get into sexual conversation. If she's comfortable talking about sex then she'll probably be more comfortable with your sexual banter. If she's comfortable with your sexual banter then she'll most likely be comfortable with your sexual kino. I say this because some guys are afraid that they'll get slapped in the face or called a pervert. You won't get slapped in the face and if you do get called a pervert it's probably because your delivery was a little off.

Of course, when you work on your holistic game and your verbal attraction you will run into this problem less frequently. Remember, if you're going to be around a woman it's important to convey sexuality. If not, you'll end up masturbating alone at home.


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