The Inner Asshole In Every Confident Asian Man, pt 1

Inside every Asian Man is his Inner Asshole. Pick Up Artists call it Inner Game, the Glow, that Vibe, the Nimbus, and all sorts of fancy esoteric terms. Normal men and women call it simply confidence, dominance and that rarefied essence called "Command Presence".

But let's get real here. Just like when a woman becomes bold enough to talk up or be more commanding (ie Hillary Clinton), she gets labeled a "bitch" even though she might be acting like a man would in a such that requires leadership, confidence, and assertiveness.

It's the same thing with Asian Men.

NO ONE expects nor DESIRES us to not only stand up for ourselves, but do so aggressively in all avenues of life whether it's education, business, and MOST especially when it comes to women. The sheer act for an Asian Man to approach a beautiful woman with confidence, to- if need be- cockblock some random poseur, and attract her into his alluring charm...

Well, that just don't happen! It's a rarity. An oddity.

They might- assuming they never go into any areas like Little Saigon- go through their entire lives never seeing a real Asian Man take control, lead men and have the women follow. No sirrah, bob, that must mean he's an ASSHOLE. Hey, for him- at least to the outside observer with no exposure- has to make the dude special.

"Who does this little Asian guy think he is waltzing in here like he owns the place with his casual swagger, infectiously riotous humor, and no hint of fear whatsoever with our women. He must be like a Triad Gangster or something. Oh, yeah, he's probably a BAD ASS MUTHA FUCKING ASSHOLE to do that in here! With me and my girl! And most especially with a blonde girl like her! Something must be wrong with world for that to happen... Yeah, he's an (Confident) Asian Asshole."

Now there, of course, are other elements of asshole churlishness that ranges frmom the positively confident Asshole or when the Asshole, instead of aging into a fine wine, he becomes a more negatively aggressive bitter Asshole.

Now, this can manifest itself in many different archetypes/stereotypes:
  1. The Bitter Asian Man (BAM) - upset that "The Man" is stealing his women, his lot in lot, swalled all the negative media stereotypes, has admitted defeat, blames Asian Women and his parents for his woes, and writes self-loathing websites for catharsis like:
    1. White Girls Don't Want Us
    2. Asian Girls Don't Want Us
    3. Western Society Hates Us
    4. Nature Hates Us
    5. The Asian Parent Syndrome
  2. The Angry Asian Man (AAM) - builds a lot of internal anger. What he does with it then categorizes him as either two subcategories:
    1. Angry, Political, & Active (APA) - likes to become involved in race/gender political activism usually by writing, but rarely taking real life action with real life consequences
    2. Angry, Asian & Silent (ASS) - the scariest of all these negative men, the silent ones let their negative energy fester inside of them, keeping absolutely silent, until they implode in either Self-Pity Parties, sits at home and Mentally Masturbates
  3. The "Happier Abroad" (read: Cowardly) Asian Man (HAAM) - more proactive than many, these are the ones who go overseas to be Sex Tourists, utitilze their First World Country Status and Wealth to have "success" with mail order brides in Eastern Europe and the less developed Asian countries. Winston Wu is their champion.
  4. The Recovering Angry Asian Man (RAAM) - he wants to improve, maybe taken some steps, but lacks a sure plan to improve both his outer and inner self. He may still harbor some Inner Asshole aspects, but generally engages in positive pursuits:
    1. Fallout Central AA Political Podcast with Will and Albert
    2. Comics like Secret Asian Man by Tak Toyoshima
    3. Musician or Rapper
    4. Active Recovering Angry Asian Man (aRAAM) who decides to take further action like becoming better with women (but not necessarily a Pick Up Artist as those are two separate pursuits (ie formerly Gatsby now knighted as Goldman Sacks)
  5. The Confident Asian Asshole Man (CAAM) - guys like PJammer who are sure of themselves, push themselves to improve, affects the world around them, has fun in the process, helps himself, helps others, but MOST ESPECIALLY, won't take shit from either the world and people.
  1. The RAAM admits he has a social & confidence problem.
  2. Stops channeling his efforts into negative pursuits and thoughts.
  3. Removes himself from negative influences like loser friends, abusive relationships, etc.
  4. Educates himself in his social problem which fall in two categories:
  5. Decides to start the Socialization Initiative
  6. Steels himself and attends mainstream social events
  7. Forms social bonds with people
  8. Begins to date other people
  9. Initiates Sexual Escalation
  10. Wash, rinse, and repeats until he has a "Moment of Clarity"
Then he comes to a critical crossroad, either that his current progress and results are enough (ie he settles) OR he wants MORE from LIFE, HIMSELF, and WOMEN.

At this critical juncture in life, every Asian Man makes a LIFE CHOICE. He chooses to:
  1. Settle with his current successes and remains a RAAM
  2. Admits self-defeat and regresses back to a BAM
  3. Or he chooses to push on to the next step as a CAAM...
More thoughts on the Recovering Angry Asian Man (or rAFC - Recovering Average Frustrated Chump) to come in Part 2.

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