[VIDEO] 9/25/07 Newsletter: Inner/Outer Game & Beginner's Hell

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What & Why Beginner's Hell Lasts TWO Years!

Here, I compare the dancing salsa version of Beginner's Hell (which takes about 6 months to endure and overcome) to that of a Pick Up Artist version of Beginner's Hell and how you can draw a reasonable correlation of what you need to master, how long it takes to learn, and why it's so hard... But most especially that the END GOAL of both dancing and pick up is that you can actually SURPASS the woman's level of dancing / pickup skills.

I list like 25+ examples of dancing-vis-pickup related body language aspects that you have to be aware of and have mastered (or at least achieved competence in). AND it's just dancing body language and not even the verbal aspect. Even if you have mastered your Verbal Game (which takes time), you STILL have to master your unconscious body language.

And THAT'S why Beginner's Hell can take a newbie anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to get through when it comes to Pick Up.

The chart I drew and speaking about is below...

The 2 Year Learning Curve of Beginner's Hell
The 2 Year Learning Curve of Beginner's Hell
Inner & Outer Game: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Here, I talk about a CONCRETE, SCIENTIFIC EXAMPLE (like facial microexpressions) of why and HOW Inner Game directly correlates with Outer Game. But I also explain how you CANNOT SEPARATE the two. One feeds into the other and vice versa in a closed loop or self-fulling prophecy.

You can't study and master Inner Game if you don't practice Outer Game.

By mastering one aspect of Outer Game, you can start to improve your Inner game, and vice versa.

And one of the things I teach is HOW you can start on the path of doing BOTH!

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