[MEDIA] I'm In the Nichi Bei Times Newspaper!

Actually this article is quite old, but I was just received the link today.

Most likely it was an offshoot of when I (and Prophet now of Venusian Arts) was in last year's D Magazine article by Paige Phelps "How To Score with Hot Babes."

I suppose it's kind of cool being compared as the "Asian Playboy Tom Cruise..." Oh wait, that's Chow Yun Fat.


"Entertainment Re-oriented"
From the Nichi Bei Times Weekly May 4, 2006


The other champion of the Asian male cause is less Tom Cruise in “Born on the Fourth of July” and more Tom Cruise in “Magnolia.” The “Asian Playboy” holds seminars and hosts an advice Website for Asian men who want help meeting, dating, and seducing women. The concept of the seminars kind of scares me, and the Website is by turns compellingly gross and bland, with an occasional insightful morsel. Still, the little I read was interesting, just in that it exists.
About the Nichi Bei Times:
The Nichi Bei Times, which printed its first edition on May 18, 1946, is the oldest Japanese American bilingual newspaper in Northern California. It was established in 1946 to get the Japanese American community "reconnected" after their wartime incarceration in American concentration camps.
P.S. Ironically I also just found out that Paige Phelps no longer works for D Magazine as of Sept 7, 2007. She is now with the Dallas Morning News. Oh joy.

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