The REAL Reason Women CLAIM They Dislike Pick-Up Artists

Have you ever approached a beautiful woman with your most confident and friendly game, only to get a cold, bitchy, attitude from her?

Have you ever seen that same hot woman, or women like her, complaining endlessly from some ivory tower about why they dislike pickup artists?

You've heard all the same tired, socially conditioned reasons before:
These all fall into the classic "woman's white lie" territory in that they're not really true, but then again, you can't DIS-prove any of these statements.

Furthermore, if you try to disprove any of them, you end up looking like an asshole. You and I both know that none of these reasons is true.

After the jump, I'm going to reveal to you the REAL reason why women dislike pickup:

Pickup helps ugly (ie average) guys get the girls.

Women are very sensitive to social circles, the structure within those social circles, and ANY changes in that structure. In dude's terminology, there's a certain rank, or pecking order, that every person in a woman's social group is assigned.

When a man is at a certain place, let's say, he's the loser of that social circle, he stays there, and it's almost impossible for him to climb up from that status unless he jumps to a different social circle or creates his own.

For example, let's say you're the guy who had the crappy haircut and couldn't afford to buy nice clothes, but you were permitted to hang out with the "cool" kids because one of the hot women in that social circle was your sister.

Then, let's say one day you get a better haircut and you get a better job so that you can finally afford to buy nice clothes.

It is more likely that people will try to cut you down by saying things like, "hey, what's up with the hair?," and "why are you all-of-a-sudden trying to dress all trendy?" rather than applauding you for taking steps to improve yourself and your wardrobe.

Evolutionarily speaking, guys who are not smooth with the ladies, who do not know how to romantically connect with women in conversation, who do not know how to be facially expressive, who do not know how to convey confidence through their vocal tonality, are generally thought of by the social elite to be undeserving of romantically connecting with hot women.

Naturally good looking men who get with hot women all the time have no problem with this, and actively perpetuate this societal norm by amogging (also known as cock-blocking) you when you try to talk to hot women at nightclus.

Hot women also follow this social norm and actively perpetuate it by putting up bitch shields towards you, surrounding themselves with tall, muscular, alpha-males (even though they may not be interested in them, but merely because they want to use them to ward off losers who have no courage), giving you dirty looks when you're doing your best to try to be open and friendly with them, sitting in the seat at the booth that is most difficult to get to, and of course, by shit testing you.

Women who dislike pickup secretly want to keep you down because if you do improve your posture and body language, learn how to convey confidence through your vocal tonality, and learn how to convey your personality in a way that allows you to romantically connect with women, then 

They're going to have less pre-screening advantages to rely on!!!

If every man had the same body language, vocal tonality, facial expressiveness, and conversational skill that all ABCs of Attraction alumni have, then women would be approached by a LOT MORE confident men, and they would HAVE to consider each one of them as a romantic option because all ABCs of Attraction Alumni are trained in DIRECT and INDIRECT game, and all of them know how to express their direct romantic interest in a girl in a smooth and confident way.

They would HAVE to evaluate each man on his personality. Well, it's either that, or they'd be shallow people who only judge a man based on his looks. And NO WOMAN wants to appear to be shallow.

Do you want to learn the tools you need to make the girl of your dreams consider YOU a romantic option?

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