Video: Learn How to Cockblock with "KING OF THE HILL!"

Click here real life example of why you need to learn how to defend yourself from cockblocks & AMOGs while you're out on a date with an attractive woman.

WHAT: "King of the Hill" is a PUA (pick up artist) drill that can be played safely at home with your wingmen and female friends. Test both your AMOG Defense and AMOG Offense in the face of increasingly more difficult cockblocks, douchebags, and AMOGs.

HOW: Learn how to deal with AMOGs using the ABCs of Attraction B.I.T. AMOG Destroyers. BIT is an acronym that stands for:

B - Befriend
I - Ignore
T - Tool

Each phase has multiple tactics that you can use in order to keep him off guard and disengaged.

1) The "King of the Hill": You start off with the Target
2) The "Target" (or girlfriend): Assume that this is either a female friend that you brought to the club or a girl that you've already approached and have here somewhat (not heavily) invested into you. In the demo, it is a girl, but you can use anyone ;)
3) Douchebags/AMOGs: They come in one at a time. Increase the difficulty by coming at the same time either together (as a pair of wingmen or more) or they can come in separately as if they don't know each other.

1) AMOGs cannot use more than incidental kino. Ergo, the opponents trying to knock the King off the hill cannot use aggressive kino on either the Target or the King. In real life, that kind of kino takes either high calibration or will, more than likely, cause a fight. Only slight touching/turning by the ones playing the AMOGs.

2) The King cannot push away the AMOGing douchebags. Again, this is not something you would encounter in real life or, if you did, it would start a fight.

3) Take turns. Everyone should have at least a full round of being the King.

4) Competition is fun. Whoever knocks the King off the Hill, ie the AMOG who successfully dislodges the "Target" away from the King without using excessive kino, is now the NEW King and a new round starts.

Will YOU be the new "King of the Hill?" Try it with some friends and find out!

NOTE: This video was taken during an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp and unscripted. We did not know how they would be coming in and responded on the fly.

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