Matador, Asian Playboy, & Discovery PUA at the Venusian Arts Superconference, pt 3

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to the third and FINAL segment of my lecture at the 2009 VENUSIAN ARTS Superconference, where I aided Mystery and Matador in teaching several lucky students the very latest in pickup technology. And, boy, are you in for a treat.

This is the first ever, caught on film, LIVE EXAMPLE of Body Language Positioning (BLP) caught on tape. BLP is an incredibly subtle, but highly advanced body language tactic that allows you to build compliance, dominance, social proof, isolate, and all without a wingman!


Unfortunately, I only touched on the bare surface of BLP, for the rest, you absolutely have to take an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp. We literally spend upwards of FOUR HOURS on subcommunication drills alone!

Now, as in the first two segments (- Part 1- and - Part 2-), I go into detail on some CRUCIAL aspects of the ABCs of Attraction model, discussing DIRECT GAME and how you can actually use it to generate value in a club setting.

We teach several different effective methods of game at the ABCs, but many of you many know that my specialty is going DIRECT. This allows me to get the girl with the least amount of effort possible, and is incredibly effective in increasing your value as a MAN.

In this video, I also address:
  1. How successful is a Direct (Kamikaze) Opener?
  2. How do you know if you're in COMFORT?
  3. What is the C-Phase: Compliance, Comfort, & Connect?
  4. How do I build social proof and value using Direct Game?
  5. What do you say to a group before you pull your target?
  6. How to use Non-Verbal Social Pressure & Compliance Testing
  7. What is difference between Direct Group Game versus Indirect Holding Court?
  8. How lazy is Asian Playboy?
  9. How do you approach a two-set?
  10. What is Body Language Positioning (BLP)?
  11. A RARE example of a BLP Maneuever
  12. What is "Cuntpunting"?
  13. What is the E-Phase: Evaluate, Extract & Escalate?
  14. Do you ever use a wingman?
  15. BLP Example of the Sidestep Maneuver
  16. Why you need Social Proof to get the HB9 and HB10
  17. Disadvantage of Direct Game
  18. Advantage of Direct Game
  19. Where does Storytelling and DHVs come into play?
  20. What is the timeframe from A-Phase to F-Phase?
  21. How did Asian Playboy start to build his foundation?
  22. Why Asian men need to evolve from Indirect Game to Direct Game
  23. Where can I read or find out about BLP (Body Language Positioning)?
  24. What's Asian Playboy's direct email address?
I am offering this all completely FREE of charge as a gift to my loyal blog readers.

Remember, all this information and MUCH more is available at either our Premium or our Certified bootcamps. Don't know the difference, check out our FAQ that will answer that question and more!

After viewing these videos, please take a minute to let me know what you think on our ABCs of Attraction Forums in this thread.

Stay tuned for another Big Announcement coming soon.


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