What You Are Is Who You Attract by Matador PUA

Matador, a Mystery Method instructor, put up an intriguing post on Mystery's Lounge about identities and how they relate to the various attraction switches inside a woman. I spoke about Attraction Switches in women (six part series) and you can see in the table how what you do can help you convey attraction.

The important thing to remember, however, is that your job and career are only PART of your identity. You should have a life outside your work that fullfills different areas and makes your life whole. If your profession only fullfills the S part of the equation of the S&R values (Survival and Replication), then you should have hobbies and a lifestyle that helps you with the R part.

For those not familiar with the term, S&R values are based off of evolutionary psychology where Survival value is when the man has the necessary resources to survive and rear children successfully, in essence a good husband, father, and provider.

Replication value comes into the equation as good genes, beauty, and health or, in other worlds, the good looking people whom you'd want to have sex with: sexy women and muscular men (to use a generic stereotype).

On a biological level, women are subconsciously drawn to both types of men, one to provide for them and one to have rampant, booty-on-the-wall loving.

As a man, you should be able to convey both types of values through both your career as well as your lifestyle.

Anyways, back to Matador's post, he only details three attraction switches and how they relate to identities/professions, but you'll get the idea.

Hello Gentleman,

Up late tonight and was doing some random thinking...what would be your feedback/comments be on some really kick-ass identities that flip all the primary attraction switches. How about this. Let's list the attraction switches and what attraction switches each identity/soundbyte has built in to it.

Attraction Switches
1. Leader of Men
2. Protector of Loved Ones
3. Pre-selected by Women

Identities (list is NOT in order of importance)

Leader of Men Protector of Loved Ones Pre-selected by Women
Rock Star X
Movie Star

Club Promoter X
Generic Businessman X

Real-Estate Developer X

Military X X
Police Officer X X
Comedian X

Super-Star, Rock-Star, Dare-Devil, Illusionist X X X
PUA Instructor X
Social Dynamics Instructor X

Club Owner X
Professional Athlete X
Movie Producer X
Music Producer X
Modeling Agency Owner X
Illusionist X


Computer Programmer*

*Computer Programmer (none...sucks right? Considering it makes more money than alot of the identities on here!...and a pain in the ass to learn...one of you guys need to hollywood and blow the computer programming scene wide open:))

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