Befriending People in Low Places (Promoters, Bouncers, Hired Guns, etc), Part 1

For today, I'm going to talk about why it's important to network and make connections with people you aren't picking up (except for hired guns where you can both derive the benefits of hooking up as well as networking).

Let's take events from last night, for example. However we got into the conversation (I think it was about surfing in California), I ended up befriending an independent promoter (who had an anorexic, big titty blonde of a girlfriend).

ME: "Oh, you're a promoter too? That's cool, man, do you know X and Y? I was at X's Christmas party down at Z, yada yada yada."
PROMOTER: "Yeah, he's one of my good buddies, yada yada yada. Hey, let me get some ho's over here!"

He then proceeded to introduce me to several hotties that he knew. End example.

So what are the benefits derived from befriending connected people and how do you befriend them?

Well, when it comes to promoters, they know almost EVERYONE. They know the cool guys, the hot girls, the hip parties, and potential business contacts (I've been introduced to more mortgage brokers than I can count without removing my shoes). They themselves are awesome social proof since girls know who the promoter is and will come up to say hello and assume you're part of his social circle.

All club going girls instinctively respond by befriending the promoters and his peers in order for the girls to get into the hot clubs and parties for free. And if you're a friend of the promoter, you can get in for free as well as having access to both his female social circle AND the girls who simply come up to "pay their respects."

OK, so how does one go about befriending promoters? 99% of these guys are assholes when you're first introduced to them. You have neither boobs nor vagina, so you're just a walking paycheck to them, the chump who waits in line, pays cover at the door, and buys drinks so they can pay off their BMW.

How do you differentiate yourself? In almost the same manner that you game girls... it goes back to how you're dressed, your body language, and how you talk. If you ACT like you belong here, then you LOOK like you belong here.

The big difference is conversation: you are not deploying typical chick crack, but you are talking about things in common. A lot of these guys fall into three categories: frat boy types, party/edgey types, and business types.

You HAVE to be able to tell war stories about all three subjects. In the case of the above example, he was a frat boy type and he automatically fell in line when we started talking about surfing. There's another promoter I know who's well connected who's more of the intellectual, business man. Guess what we talk about?

Another way to share commonalities is to drop names. You know this person in his field, have a girlfriend that he might know, or went to a party he might have gone too, etc. You're communicating that you're part of the same social circle, hang out with, party with, and fuck.

One final commonality is to tell war stories about girlfriends, fuckbuddies, and one night stands. You're communicating that you know how the shit goes down in the clubs and you both have the same attitude towards women. It also helps if you can make it a funny or outrageous story.

All right, that's enough rambling for now, next time I post I'll talk about how to befriend bouncers, defuse bouncers, and bribing bouncers.