Direct Game Mastery with Matador, Asian Playboy, & Discovery PUA (Part 1)

Ho ho ho, my brothers!

Santa APB here with your free gift.

As promised, here is part one of the REVOLUTIONARY seminar I gave to a group of lucky students at the Venusian Arts Superconference in August.

As you probably know, Venusian Arts is the pickup company run by Mystery himself, and I was invited to give their students a talk on ONE of my many specialties, DIRECT GAME.

In this first REVEALING chapter of the 3-part series, I will go into just how a scrawny engineer from Texas came to be the Asian Playboy, as well as introduce my thoughts on why DIRECT GAME is the method of the masters.

Understanding the fundamental principles behind the direct method is crucial to being successful with it.

Moving beyond what I call Pickup v1.0 - the over the shoulder opinion-opener model - will jet your game light years ahead and get you the results you are looking for quicker, and more efficiently.

In combination with Indirect Game, Direct Game, and Lifestyle Enhancements, you will be well on your way to mastering Holistic Pick-Up and Confidence!

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  1. VA Superconference #2 (12/17/09): "Q&A and the Asian Fountain of Youth Kiss Close"
  2. VA Superconference #3 (12/25/09): "How to Establish Comfort and Body Language Positioning (BLP)"

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