Direct Game Video, Part 2: The Fuckable Line & the Asian Fountain of Youth Kiss Close

In this second installment of my earthshaking lecture at the Venusian Arts Superconference, I will delve into why many second-rate pickup tactics can be thrown out the window once you have the proper mindset, as well as how you are perceived by women when you enter the set. (This is vital.)

I will also discuss my now-famous theory on the ever-present FUCKABLE LINE in Part 2.Notice the students reactions to some of the things I say in regards to perceived value and theory of approach. A lot of the tactics we teach at the ABCs of Attraction are not available anywhere else, and come as quite a revelation to these students.

Big thanks to Matador for letting me share this video with you. Other questions about Direct Game answered are:
  1. What do you do when you go Direct but don't have enough Passive Value or attraction?
  2. What is the Fuckable line?
  3. Do you Neg or use a False Time Constraint (FTC) when you go Direct?
  4. How do I make the Perfect Approach (ie "Sticking the Approach")?
  5. What is the difference between Direct versus Indirect?
  6. What is the #1 problem that Asian men face?
  7. The PUA Spin - How you use it determines if it is Buying Temperature Gambit or a Sexual Compliance Test
  8. How can I come off as Non-Creepy?
  9. How do I answer the question, "How old are you?"
  10. What is the Asian Fountain of Youth Kiss Close? (Credit to Johnny Wolf)
  11. How do I save face if I get blown out using a Direct or Kamikaze Opener?
  12. What is the Boomerang and how do you use it to reboot a conversation?
The superconference was an eye-opening day for many guys out there, and now a piece of it ( and the piece I consider the most important!) can be yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Venusian Arts Superconference, Part 2:

Everything You Wanted to Know about Direct Game but Were Afraid to Ask

Now, how would you like these pressing questions answered?
  1. How did Matador and Asian Playboy meet?
  2. What was Project Hollywood like?
  3. What was my first approach EVER like?
  4. What is Indirect good for and how long should you practice it?
  5. What is Masculine, Sexual Charisma?
  6. How effective is kino?
  7. How can YOU increase your phone close rate by 15%?
  8. APB's Boyfriend Destroyer response to "I have a boyfriend."
  9. What is the D-Phase in the ABCs model?
  10. What are some good Cavemaning and Buying Temperature tactics?
  11. What are some examples of Kamikaze (Direct) Openers?
  12. What do you say after a Direct Opener?
  13. What is APB's "Asian Man White Girl Accent" Mini-Qualifier?
Then click here for Part 1!

Venusian Arts Superconference, Part 1:

Everything You Wanted to Know about Direct Game but Were Afraid to Ask

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Heres what's next!
  1. VA Superconference #3 (12/25/09): "How to Establish Comfort and Body Language Positioning (BLP)"

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