[PICS] 5 Tips to Gain Social Proof & Passive Value

In the scientific sense, social proof is an external factor that has absolutely nothing to do with any intrinsic attribute a man might have (like fashion, physique, race, personality, charm, etc), but creates an INCREDIBLE amount of value in a man and makes women more attracted to him. It's like the myth of pheromones or those Axe commercials with women physically throwing themselves onto random dudes.

There literally is scientific proof that shows that when a man is surrounded by women (and enhanced by things like smiling, kino, etc), he becomes even MORE attractive in the eyes of women on the "outside" of his high replication value clique.

It becomes this massive exponential growth in attraction that women have very little control over. Think of it this way, it's like clean skin, a nice face, perky breasts, and bouncy buttocks. No matter what we logically think, those female attributes MAKES us men more attracted to her regardless of anything else (like personality) about her.

And the same thing occurs in the woman, she has no control over her increased feelings of attraction for you if you have social proof.

Here, let me give you a CONCRETE and REAL LIFE example. In this picture, we have three decent looking, smiling, in state Pick-Up Artists including Kevin Feng (be sure to check out Kevin Feng's VH1 Pick Up Artist 2 Blog!). Now, KFeng has decent passive value with his styled hair, cool clothes, smile, and general good vibe, so let's say... he's a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale. Pretty good, I mean, a really massive improvement from when he was on VH1's "The Pick Up Artist 2" and known as the "Strike Out King!" if you think about it.

But now in this picture, we have KFeng with an attractive woman smiling and touching him. Even though there is little to no actual PHYSICAL difference in his appearance, by the factor of social proof alone he's transformed into an HB8 or 9... Kevin Feng LITERALLY BECOMES MORE ATTRACTIVE IN THE EYES OF WOMEN!

Again, both science and field experience has shown this to be consistently true.

Every time I've been in the company of pivots, wingwomen, and just general female friends, it's literally supercharged my results. Even for guys with below average Game, it can give you that little bit of an extra edge over other douchebags.

Of course, if you have no Game to begin with, even with a small social proofed edge won't turn you into a Don Juan.

Now the key here is HOW can YOU achieve the same results?


What we will be exploring is how to gain social proof in a nightclub setting. After the jump, I'm going to give you 5 Tips Toward Gaining Social Proof in a nightclub...

  1. Find a way to move to the front of the line if it's a big line. Most popular venues have long lines and if you can get by the line it raises your social proof. The best way to do this is to befriend the bouncer, club owner, or promoter. To do this you have to provide some kind of value to them. For a bouncer, it could be that you introduced him to some attractive women. To the club promoter, you could have invited a large group of people to his party.
  2. Have attractive women around you. By this, I don't necessarily mean that you are obviously hitting on the women. What I mean is that the women are with you by choice and it is apparent that you have some sort of friendly relationship with them. This conveys to everybody else that you must have something about you that attractive women like. An attractive woman who aligns herself with other attractive women will want to meet you for that reason.
  3. Get to know everyone. This is optional, but it certainly helps if you meet everybody in the venue. People will just assume you know everyone and that you're popular. By definition of social proof, it would be socially unacceptable for a person to reject the man who is the connector to all people in the nightclub.
  4. If you're a good dancer, don't hide it. Have fun and dance with hot women. People want to be around those who know how to have a good time, especially at a nightclub.
  5. Get VIP service. If you can get it free then that's even better. It does take a certain level of social competency to get a free table but your value must be in congruence to that compliance test.


Essentially, in any setting you have to assess what the values are of the people in the group and how you want to be perceived.

That is the most important part. Most social settings value those who can provide a good time and a place to socialize.

The list can be endless, but what you want to do is think of how you want to be perceived and carry yourself as such a person.


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