The Importance of Dance Game

I wanted to throw in a quick blurb of the importance of Dance Game.

First of all, dance game is a huge demonstration of value and sexuality. It really sets you apart from the circle of lamers. You don't even have to be really good, just good enough to make the GIRL look good dancing with you.

I myself only know a few moves, but I can mix it up a lot and match it with what the girl is doing and it actually looks like I know what I'm doing. The only ones who can tell that I'm only using basic movements are the guys and girls that are actually any good.

Secondly, it's a great opportunity to isolate and physically escalate. You don't want to stay in high energy mode too long. Once you feel like escalating, SLOW HER DOWN. Then take her hands, place them on your shoulders (having her hands locked behind your neck), and SLOW DANCE. Fuck the high energy music, you're creating a very intimate, dominant frame where it's US versus THEM. Great time to kino and kiss.

Finally, it's just good for you physically and your body language. Especially with hip hop dancing, which requires both upper AND lower body movement. You need muscles in your torso, arms, and legs in order to do a few moves like "popping" and it gives you a more finely controlled, toned, yet relaxed body language beyond just dancing.

Basically, you can use dancing to open up girls on the dance floor (I don't use that method myself) as well as pulling girls to the dance floor and then upping the physicality.

Another method to open with dance, which sometimes I'll use, is when girls are off the dance floor and kind of just bebopping to the music, not fully dancing but feeling the dance energy and sexuality. As I'm walking by, I'll kind of be nodding my head (while I'm smiling of course) and make a motion with my hands (and thusly my upper body) that's in tune with the beat. Usually the girls will then assume that I can dance, smile at me, and comment. Roll from there.