In Order to be a Good Pickup Artist, It Helps to be a Good Man First

At the end of "The Dark Knight," Batman finally gets the chance to rid Gotham of the Joker forever. However, just as he's about to fall off the building, Batman saves him at the last moment, apprehends him, and turns him in to the authorities.

What separates Batman from the Joker is that underneath his costume, gadgets, pimped out car and motorcycle, and tons of weaponry, he is, at his core, a man who has drawn a definitive moral boundary for himself.

You could go out, recite a bunch of routines you downloaded for free off the internet, and romantically connect with a girl. But what will you do when she finds another guy who recites routines better than you? Step up to the plate and be man!

He has built himself up physically (he's ripped), he has built himself up financially (he runs his own business and is a successful entrepreneur), he has built himself up academically (he's highly educated and intelligent), and has everything he could possibly want.

Sure, he could do lots of bad things and get away with it, but he chose his own value system, and he sticks with it-- even if it means giving up the chance to destroy his life-long enemy with no repercussions whatsoever.

The core of what makes Batman a great hero is that he is a good man first, and a hero second.

He is a good man first.

Would Batman be half the hero he is if he didn't have his finances, fitness, goals, education, and moral boundaries already established for himself? Well, it is theoretically possible for him to be an uneducated, uncultured, immoral, out-of-shape caped crusader, but he'd just be considered an incomplete hero at best, if a hero at all.

So too should every pickup artist develop himself as a good man in order that he may help himself become a good pickup artist. Now this doesn't mean that you need to have a giant multi-milliondollar estate as Bruce Wayne does.

Getting good at romantically connecting with women is a multi-month (or even multi-year) iterative process, and I am proud to say that many of my students have built themselves up from very humble beginnings to simultaneously work on all of what has made them into a good men as well as a good pickup artists.

They have done this by building up what I call "The 10 Pillars of Inner Strength:"

  1. Finances and Status
  2. Physical Fitness and Testosterone
  3. Ambition and Goals
  4. Sexual Prowess and Sexual Experience
  5. Social Value in Romance and Friendships
  6. Moral Decisiveness
  7. Fearlessness and Fire
  8. Legacy and Contributions to Society
  9. Family & Cultural Identity
  10. Education and Knowledge
All ABCs of Attraction students are given the foundation of building a better lifestyle by becoming better pickup artists as well as better men.

Could you pick up girls without being a good man first? Sure.

You could go out, recite a bunch of routines you downloaded for free off the internet, and romantically connect with a girl.

Step up to the plate and be the man.

Learn Holistic Game from the ABCs of Attraction, and become a complete man.

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