Why Are We In The Game?

Is it to have as much wild rampant sex as possible? Sure. Is it to be with as many BEAUTIFUL women as God and Government will allow? Sure. Is it also to find that perfect woman, that woman of your dreams, and finally win her over? Hell yeah.

One chap mailed me, basically saying that while he was still new to the Game, he couldn't see himself doing the One Night Stands and was a more relationship oriented person. There's nothing wrong with that, at all.

Because, to me at least, the bottomline of being GOOD at the Game is being able to get whatever woman YOU want. To never have to settle with second best. And of course, if things don't work out, you always have the Game to go out and find someone else you can fall in love with.

See, here's the Catch 22... Ladies like men with Confidence.

But what does that exactly mean? Well, men gain confidence with women by, quite simply, BEING (in both the sexual and nonsexual way) with women.They want someone who's attractive, fun, and sexy... but those are the same guys who are EXPERIENCED with women.

If you're still in the newbie/young phase, you're not going to find your "soulmate" any time soon, no matter what Disney & Hallmark would love to feed you.

So think of it this way... You finally see YOUR perfect 10. She could be anywhere, at the library, the club, or wherever. Every guy there is checking her out and/or hitting on her.

Do you think YOU have the skill level and confidence to win her over when she gets hit on every single fucking day of her life? Do YOU have the confidence to approach her while your heart's hammering away and your stomach is doing lurches? Do you have the ease of conversation and the spontaneity to involve her in a meaningful conversation so that SHE wants to BE with you? Do YOU have what it takes to close the deal with YOUR perfect woman when she has SOOOO many other options out there?

Because, straight up, if there isn't a physical attraction, all you have to rely on is your Verbal Game. And if your Game ain't up to par... the woman of your dreams just walked out of the grocery store...

Being good at the Game means never settling short. It means when you see who and what you want, you can go out there and get it.

Sometimes, ALL YOU HAVE IS A MOMENT. She's the future mother of your child, your future wife and confidante... And you've got all of 60 seconds to approach her and hopefully win her over.

If you can't do that, if you still lock up when you see someone attractive, if you still stutter and have brain farts in conversations with beautiful women... then you still need to learn the Game. Because SOMEDAY, the love of your life is gonna breeze on by and if you've got Game, she sure as hell won't be walking OUT of your life.

THAT'S why we learn and get good at the Game... And if you happen to fuck a plethora of hotties on the way, even better.

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