Social Circles and Naturals

The funny thing about the Dallas nightlife is that it's actually pretty small. In the two plus weeks that I've been here, I've actually started to recognize the same hotties over and over. I'm going to need to branch out soon to Fort Worth or something.

I've been developing some Dallas social circles of late. Cold pickups and one night stands are fun, but they take work and even the most skilled don't always pull everytime. The majority of people have sex within their social circle as a few known players and lovers circulate between the females like a sex provider.

Circle 1: I've developed good rapport with EmoAsian. She and her girlfriends were supposed to meet up with us last night, but we ended up bouncing to a different club. She's not physically attracted to Asians (almost always dating white guys), but we've actually developed a pretty strong connection and have hung out a few times. We could end up hooking up later down the road, but I've also met some of her friends... she's got quite a few young, hot, fresh out of highschool girlfriends.

Circle 2: That NaturalJJ is a cool muthafucka. His girlfriend is bisexual and she will sometimes HUNT with him to pickup chicks. EVERYTIME we've gone out, he meets someone he knows, usually an attractive, bisexual girl. He's ultra confident and has great bodylanguage. Like those familiar with BadBoy, whenever he sits, he sprawls on the chair and rests his leg on something. His attitude, demeanor, and appearance are 100% congruent with what he's doing. He pretty much acts like he's chilling at home. Not only that, he's a great conversationalist. I've got war stories, he's got war stories. Anything I say, he's got something to supplement it. Not in a oneupmanship, but as two guys shooting the shit and being totally comfortable. Very cool guy. But like most natural players, he doesn't approach much, prefering women to approach him who are attracted with his wild, high energy and punk rocking, redneck appearance.

So to recap, here are certain elements of his Game that puts him above the average dudes:
  1. Cool appearance. He's got a platinum/black mohawk. Cool as fuck. Contrast that with the cowboy/redneck theme. Really, he's only an inch taller than me, kind of stocky, and could be labeled "cute" but nowhere near a pretty boy.
  2. BadBoy bodylanguage. He's ALWAYS physically relaxed. He'll sit down and pull up a chair to rest his feet on.
  3. Wild energy. When his Game is on, he's high energy, playful, and fun. Once, the waitress was flirting with him, dancing, and then he tore off his shirt and she just went BESERK.
  4. Spontaneous. Both his conversation and his actions are on the fly. I've heard some of his war stories more than once, but he always has something new to say. And he's always willing to do something different.
  5. Friendly. He conveys a natural honesty and friendliness. I mean, this is a guy I knew only a few days and he's already inviting me over to hang out at his rich apartments, having barbecues, and introducing me to his own circle of girls & guy friends.
  6. Frank sexual talk. He isn't afraid of talking about sex with total strangers and girls. He doesn't care who the fuck knows that he's having wild sex, that he likes threesomes, and fucking girls in the ass.
  7. Physical dominance & touching. He escalates the way he touches women. Touching isn't even the right word, it's a very dominant touch. He can gently, but firmly hold a woman by her neck and pull her in to whisper into his ear. And because he has all the other elements of his Game down, the women almost always respond postively.
  8. Smiling & facial expressions. Part of #5, he always has a ready smile and laugh as well as a wide range of facial expressions. He's always expressing facially what he's verbally communicating. If he's telling a playful story, he's got a sly, playful look. The same with a sad story, or anything else.
  9. Women Want Him. Or at least that's what he THINKS. Quite frankly, I don't see all the insane amounts of glances, lookovers, and checkouts that he's pointing out, but WHO THE FUCK CARES? It's the sheer confidence in his own sex appeal and masculinity. He could be deluding himself that the slightest glance, the occasional movement, the accidental bumps from girls are all designed towards him, but WHO THE FUCK CARES? If he believes it, he's then willing to approach and take advantage of every opportunity since they're basically "INVITING" him to talk to them, even if it IS mostly in his mind.
  10. Phone game. This is probably where my own Game is weakest. He's ALWAYS calling up girls and chatting them up on the phone. He's got the same cocky, playful attitude on the phone as he does in real life. He's free with his emotions on the phone, saying he loves them (in a friendly, if sexual way), being funny, calling them on their shit, etc. Doesn't care if it's fucking 3AM in the morning, he'll still call them and he doesn't care what he ends up saying. Every time we go out, he's always calling 5 to 10 girls to come out with us and to bring their girlfriends. He has no shame ;-)
Circle 3: ThaiGirl and I were supposed to hang out earlier this week, but she got pulled over by the cops. While she wasn't legally intoxicated (having had 3 drinks), she still got thrown into the tank. I've met her friends, talked with her for over an hour on the phone, developed good rapport with her, and we're supposed to hang out Thursday night. She lives in Fort Worth and works nights from Sun thru Wed.

Circle 4: While not a social circle in the strictest sense, I've met a lot of the same people out at night. This circle is pretty much the one I've been mining for numbers and hookups. I still haven't had anything truly pan out yet, yielding some potentials as well as a lot of flakes. I've befriended bartenders, doormen, waitresses, promoters, and seen a lot of the same good looking men and women. I saw this super cute spinner whose number I had gotten. She never called back, so I simply deleted it. At the club, she recognized me and approached me before I even knew she was there. We simply reassumed rapport and friendship and this time she got my number, saying that she had "lost" mine.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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