The Asian Playboy's Guide, Tip of the Day #2: Confidence

I mean, we've all heard the platitude, "Be confident", right? Easier said than done. Confidence is an ambigious, all encompassing term that women KNOW when they see it, but can't quite put their finger on it. Other guys KNOW when they meet a cool, confident guy, but they don't understand what makes this one dude better than all the other lamers.

Well, here are MY practical suggestions on developing both inner and outer confidence. It's essentially a self-feeding loop, things that you do on the outside (your gestures, movements, etc.) feed into your own ego as well as vice versa. When you ARE confident, then you ACT confident. This isn't easy to develop for most guys.

If you aren't "naturally" a confident guy, then you're basically going to have to fake it until you make it. And yes, it's going to be hard and women are going to be able to read right through you in the beginning. But it's like developing a muscle. It requires a lot of time, practice, and social development. You'll start to develop this social savvy, flirting skills and you won't be nervous in social settings. But like exercising, it's gonna hurt and be uncomfortable as you supersize those flirting muscles.

Outer Confidence

Hell, there's more but I'll delve into that another time. When I have time, I'll explore inner confidence, your beliefs and reality.

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