Dear Asian Playboy: "Defend Us From the Haters!"

Dear Asian Playboy,
This is a message to the founders.

I like your product and what you are trying to do but there is one problem. Asian males have some enemies.

We all know the media likes to make us look like dorks and a lot of people out of whatever kind of hatred encourage those images.

So the problem with this public site is that it is a tool for those haters to point to and say hey look at how dorky those Asian guys are.

So can you put an intro note in the front page explaining how because other ethnic guys have been pursuing Asian women so much, it forces Asian men to branch out.

This way we can defend ourselves when the haters try to use this site as evidence that Asian men like white women the most but just can't get them.

Please for everyone's sake, just add the introduction.

-Anonymous Asian
Hey bro,

Sorry for not getting back to you immediately, I wanted some time to give you a well thought out response, like so:

Adding a footnote on the website to explain the ABCs of Attraction's reasons and motivations for existing would certainly be one way for you to "defend yourself." An even better way would be to live a life that allows you to be the change you want to see in the world-- or better yet, to help your fellow Asian American brothers become that change as well.

Outsiders have called us dorky, currently do call us dorky, and will continue to call us dorky. That is an external eventuality that would be fruitless to fight against. Independent of anything that those outsiders can say or do, hundreds of Asian American men who have been man enough to take responsibility for their lives have indeed manned up, taken our program, and moved on to romantically connect with women throughout the US and all over the world.

Yes, during the time that they are working the kinks out of their game, they are certainly an object for someone to "point at," as you say. However, if that be the only eventuality that is inadvertently caused by the existence of the
ABCs of Attraction, I can guarantee you that it is a miniscule price to pay for the immense impact that those students have had, and currently do have, on the psyche of the masses of women that they are currently romantically connecting with, as well as the jealous "guy friends" and former lovers of those women.

Have you ever observed one of my students taking over the complete attention and affection of a white woman (who probably has never met an Asian American man), while her white "guy friends," (who have never been challenged by an Asian American man) stand idly by holding their cocks? No amount of disclaimers written on a website can ever compare to the positive impact on society such incidents create for we Asian American men.

Lastly, an acknowledgement of the haters' viewpoints would serve to show that we are not proud of who we are and what we are trying to do with our own lives. If you haven't already, take a quick look at some of the blog entries on either the APB blog or at Better Asian Man (or any other ABCs affiliated blogs).

BAM is merely the perspective of one student of the
ABCs of Attraction, but it serves to show you that a man can take full 100% ownership of his defects, his "dork" qualities, and his former inability to romantically connect with women, and STILL turn it all around and wear it on his chest like a badge of honor and still get lots of romance in his life.

Trust me when I tell you that all of the "dorky" and "loser" qualities that are discussed on either on that blog, or on the
ABCs of Attraction website, have never hindered his ability to romantically connect with women. On the contrary, they've actually helped him (and others like him) increase and expand their love life 100 times over.

-JT the Asian Playboy

P.S. Feel free to Contact Us and send in your comments and questions!

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