Get an EDGE over Good Looking Naturals Everywhere!

Quite frankly, I've been told to my face that the student was so relieved and happy that I wasn't good looking because that meant everything I did depended upon HARD WORK and SKILL versus the lazy way of just being good looking.
The ABCs of Attraction and myself are known for a lot of different things. We're reknown for:
Another thing we're famous for is that the unlike other franchises who hire and train good-looking, tall instructors, the coaches of the ABCs are amongst the most AVERAGE LOOKING DUDES in the industry!

Let's break it down, you've got me- APB- who's 5"6 and small and not handsome. There's Johnny who's a big, chubby, balding dude. San Francisco's own Showtime is 5"6, scrawnier than I am, in college, and with acne scars and once had horrible posture. Quite frankly, William from NYC is probably the ONLY good looking member of the ABCs staff.

Now, you'd think I wouldn't be disparaging myself and my peeps, but one thing I find as a common theme from students is that because we look average, we have to have above average- even elite- pickup skills. Quite frankly, I've been told to my face that the student was so relieved and happy that I wasn't good looking because that meant everything I did depended upon HARD WORK and SKILL versus the lazy way of just being good looking.

Average looking people like us can't depend on any of the "natural" advantages others have on us. So that means we have to be smarter, game harder, and BE BETTER than anyone else out there!

Anyways, I want to give you this article by Showtime on not only how to take on those tall good looking guys, but WIN!

"Getting the edge on good-looking naturals" by Showtime

We've all seen it throughout our lives. The tall and good looking alpha male seems to get the girl all the time. There's no need to be jealous, angry or spiteful of these guys because getting girls comes easier to them. However, there is a way to get an edge on these guys to get the girl.

Growing up I've always been seen as the short guy. At 5'6, it always seemed like I had to try a lot harder to get the girl. Especially around my taller and better looking friends. For this reason, I developed a lot of ways to get the girl over my buddies. After taking an ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp I developed a better understanding of how to out-game these guys. First off, you have to understand a few things.

Yes, LOOKS DO MATTER. Get over it. These guys are better looking than you. So for starters, you want to improve your own look as much as possible. What you are is what you attract. So if you look like a hobo, then more likely than not you will get women who are attracted to hobos.

Groom yourself

If you smell, take showers and use deodorant. Body odor is not a pheremone and will inevitably lead to you getting a self-hand job when you get home. Cut your nails and make sure there's no dirt in them. As for shaving, I don't grow much facial hair so it's either I have a mustache or I don't. I would check out Johnny Wolf's Blog for more info on it. Women can tell a lot about a man just by the way he takes care of himself. Not only is this common sense, but any woman will tell you that a well-groomed man is attractive. Search the internet for more ways to groom yourself.

Be more fashionable.

A general rule is that what you wear clothing that fits you well. Baggy clothes make it look like you just took a shit in your pants and you're dangling it around as you walk. Clothes that are too tight make you look like a pansy and leave your balls gasping like a fish out of water. Of course, both styles work in some places but are generally unattractive. A few places I like to look to for fashion is GQ Magazine, Complex, and generally just looking at how other people dress then choose what I like about it.

Work on your overall fitness!

Most good looking naturals are already fit. So if you're a scrawny computer geek, or an overweight businessman then hit those weights! Saying you're busy isn't an excuse. You can't game if you're dead...and death can come if you don't take care of your health. OKAY, that may have been a bit TOO dramatic but you should seriously consider working out.

It's also a great way to work on your posture. I used to slouch all the time because I had weak back muscles. Ever since I've been working out, sleeping in a better position, sitting back in my chair properly and using these sole inserts in my shoes; My posture has improved dramatically. For the best results, I would go and follow Kevin Feng's The Complete Workout Routine for an Asian Dude and follow their program.

Our alumni Rob H is in great shape and he followed this program. I'm in the process and have been seeing some pretty good results (along with many others). So commit to some kind of workout plan and you'll look and feel a lot better. It also helps if you have some physical extracurricular activity (yes, lots of sex counts) and it's also a great way to socialize.

ALRIGHT! So now you just gave yourself a clean new look, you're looking as cool as Kanye West, and you've worked hard to get that rock hard body. That should have raised your attractiveness level by a few points! Yes, women have a number system for you as well Mr. HB3. However, at this point you should be AT LEAST an HB8 in the looks department.

What's that? You only got the first two down? No problem. Game is game and the whole point of doing all of the above is to make your life easier. NOT working on the things I mentioned is like running a marathon with steel toe boots and an infant on a baby sling across your chest. You'll struggle to even finish the race. If you have a low self-esteem then increasing your posture, fashion, grooming, and fitness will definitely get you more female attention. That should raise your confidence. Then when you add GAME to your already improved look your confidence will soar.

There's still more work that needs to be done! You have to get rid of those self-limiting beliefs that you're not attractive and that you can't get attractive girls! The best way to do this is to make your own improvements and keep at it.

Here are a few examples of our guys who are not so attractive but scored some hot women:
  1. APB - Perfect 10 Model
  2. Johnny Wolf - Surrounded by beautiful European women
  3. ABCs Alumni Picture & Video Master Gallery
Sonow you're looking and feeling good. You now believe that you too can get an attractive woman. Just take a walk around your city and you'll see a lot of average looking guys with above average looking women.

Moving on! There are some distinguishable attributes of the good-looking natural. It's worthwhile to know what these attributes are so that you can separate yourself from them and be the better choice for the women you want. Here are some attributes of good-looking naturals.

They think every woman wants them.

And whose to blame them? They get so much female attention that they just assume every woman wants them. This makes it easy to take the woman they're with from right under their nose. Using out ABCs' BIT method (Befriend, Ignore and Tool) you can easily BLP (Body Language Position) the woman from the good-looking natural. You can watch any of the ABC's of Attraction instructors do this in person so you can see.

They wait for women to approach them.

For the most part, they do have a lot of women approach them. That's the reason for why they don't always approach. The other reason is because they have an ego to protect. They don't feel the need to approach because THEY are the high-valued ones. They don't want to get shut-down so they would rather go for the low-risk and easier woman than pursue something they really want.

They're very physical.

Many times if they see you as a threat, they'll literally take the girl from you and move away. This is why you should BLP (Body Language Position) the girl away from the good-looking natural before he even comes to you. Additionally, they'll just generally be more physical and put their arm around you, hit your chest, or lightly shove you. This is just a form of alpha male behavior. Do it back, but not in an aggressive way that gets you into a fight.

They're not so witty.

It's not that they're dumb. They just haven't had to develop the wit that their less attractive counterparts may have due to their physical unattractiveness. If you're not so good-looking and not so witty then you can work on your wittiness at an improv class. It helps when the good-looking natural is sipping his drink and staring blankly as you charm the girl away from him. It should be noted that if you spend too much time talking he will most likely just move the girl away from you and you'll be telling your stories to their backs as they leave.

They're comfortable displaying their sexuality early and often.

This sexual confidence is typically their strength. Many of these guys have no problem showing their sexual interest because most times they've gotten enough experience to feel comfortable acting in such a manner. This is where the line is drawn and the woman looks at you and the good-looking natural and decides which one she'd rather fuck. Your fashion, body language, your fitness, how comfortable you are when talking about sex, and how you talk about sex are indicators of how she can tell if you're good in bed.

There you have it. You can always level out the playing field to your advantage and get the woman you want. Eventually the separation between you and the good-looking natural is compatibility once it leaves the nightclub and on to consecutive dates. Feels good to know you can compete now doesn't it? =_)

-Showtime (Blog)

San Francisco Day Game Workshop

Let me leave you with one final thought, in the book "The Game" a passage reads "Helena Rubinstein once said, 'There are no ugly women; only lazy ones.' Since society holds men to less rigid standards of beauty than women, this is doubly true of guys. Give (any man) a tan, better posture, whiter teeth, a fitness regimen, and clothes that fit, and he's well on his way to handsome."

Don't you think it's time to get an edge on all those other good looking, tall guys?

Empower yourself!

JT the Asian Playboy


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