Where Some See Crisis, the Exceptional See Solution

How many times have you, in your own mind, gone into crisis mode, paralyzed with this thought:

"I can't approach her; she's surrounded by tall, good-looking guys."

It's a small crisis, but a crisis nonetheless, for any man who has not yet empowered himself with the tools he needs to see the solution. To the untrained eye, the girl appears unapproachable-- surrounded by bigger guys. Your internal dialogue most likely goes something like this:

"Perhaps one of them is her boyfriend. Perhaps one of them is her over-protective brother. Perhaps one of the guys is really jealous and will physically harm me."

So thinks the unexperienced newbie.

But to the man experienced in the ABCs of Attraction structure, the internal dialogue becomes:

"I'm going to walk right through that opening in their standing semi-circle, get the girl's attention using kino, BT spike her within the first 5 seconds, and then BLP the rest of the guys out of the set. If they interrupt, I'll use the ABCs of Attraction B.I.T. tactics to deal with it on the spot."

(Trust me, it's not as complicated as it sounds!)

Every situation, no matter how complicated, full of amogs, full of physical obstacles, full of imaginary obstacles, solvable. There is always a solution. It's just a matter of how much you want to look for it. A little while back one of my students (Toy Machine), spotted two super hot looking women when we were out at one of the trendiest night clubs in Las Vegas.

The only problem is that they were already talking to two good looking black guys who are at least a foot taller than either me or Toy Machine (I'm 5' 6", and Toy Machine is 5' 4"). Instead of seeing the crisis, we saw the solution. I went in first, and started talking to one of the girls, and the BLP'd her out of the set. While I was doing that, Toy Machine approached the other girl and BLP'd her out of the set.

In the end, the two other guys were left standing there staring at each other wondering what the hell just happened.

Are you the kind of guy who's always seeing a crisis-- a situation where you believe, in your own mind that there's no solution? Where you believe, in your mind, that there's no way you could talk to the girl due to [insert any reason here], but you wish there was a way?

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