Top Asian PUAs (Pick Up Artists) of 2005 like Papa, Loverboy, & Hoobie

UPDATE 3/8/10: How an Asian PUA Can Learn Superior Thai Natural Game
UPDATE 2/19/10: Channel 5 Interviews the CEO of the ABCs of Attraction
UPDATE 1/4/10: Thundercat Names Asian Playboy as the Top 10 Pick Up Artists (PUA) of 2009

Just for shits and giggles, I'm going to list the Top Asian Pick Up Artists that I know of and/or have met. The best Asian seducers, players, pick up artists, Don Juans, and Casanovas... There aren't a lot of us out there, but if you know of any that deserve recognition, please feel free to pipe up and add to the list.
I'm listing in reverse alphabetical order, location, seduction style, commercial, and any notable comments.

I hope to see a whole new class of graduating pick up artists, players, seducers, and top notch lovers from my fellow Asian bros in 2006!

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APB's Top Asian Pick Up Artists of 2005
Spirit FingerBoston, USANatural/DirectAffiliated with theApproach, but not ProComing out with a Sexual Techinique Ebook
ProtocolOrange County, USAIndirect, High Energy, C&FWorks for RSDFormerly an RSD intern
PapaLos Angeles, USACanned IndirectWas Pro, but concentrating on RSD businessNumber closed Paris Hilton. Invented the Spin Kiss Close
MalandroParis, France (formerly USA)DirectNoDated a German TV actress
LoverboyEdinburgh, EnglandHigh Energy, IndirectRuns the England RSD BranchThe (In)Famous Loverboy Tribute to Sarging Video
Grungey10Orange County, CADay Game IndirectDay game workshopsDay game specialist
HoobieEdinburgh, EnglandHigh Energy, IndirectRuns the England RSD BranchRuns PUA Media and RealAsianDynamics
Asian Playboy (formerly JT47319)Los Angeles (formerly Dallas, TX)Natural Indirect followed with DirectGDI (God Damned Independent)Just a hardworking playa squirrel trying to get his nut on.


[UPDATE 12/21/09: The Australian PUA Community votes Asian Playboy as Australia's Best Asian Pick Up Artist!]
[UPDATE 2/9/08: Asian Playboy is on the Front Cover of Asian Week Newspaper!]
[UPDATE 9/1/07: The Asian Playboy was awarded the title of "The World's Greatest Asian Pick Up Artist."]

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