How an Asian PUA Can Learn Superior Thai Natural Game

Johnny Wolf, from the ABCs of Attraction here and it's T-Minus 2 weeks before I blast back into town to lay some serious knowledge on all the deserving folk attending my blowout Limited Edition Vegas Bootcamp on March 19th.

So as I'm typing out this email to you, I was just sitting at my local restaurant having lunch on the islands of Thailand and looked back to see a beautiful, tall, ultra blonde Swedish girl with a Thai guy.  They were flirting, sharing food, and had island romance written all over them, and it's not uncommon.

Out of all of the Asian races around the world, I would bet money that Thai guys fuck more hot white girls than any other, so I took a few things from their game and incorporated it into my own.

Actually I see it everyday... a poor Thai guy with a hot White girl from Australia, America, Sweden or England somewhere.

I used to wonder why Thai guys didn't seem to have the same problems as Asian guys from the rest of the world when it came to hooking up with hot girls.  So I took the time to figure it out and it makes total sense....and hopefully other Asian guys from around the world can use it both as inspiration as well as proof that White girls do like Asian guys and you do have a just have to do a couple things differently.

- Thai Guy Attraction Game -
  1. They are all tan: Mostly naturally but they are also in the sun all day.  While it's actually unattractive to Thai girls, white girls love a guy who is dark.  
  2. Thai's all drive motorbikes: It's the most common and inexpensive way to get around, but when you give a girl a lift on the back of yours and she has to hold on, and trust her life to yours, it's attractive. 
  3. The random Bob Marley thing: For some reason, on the islands of Thailand guys love Bob Marley.  The carefree lifestyle, smoking weed, and growing out their dreadlocks.  Something about it girls love.
  4. Fire Shows: Most Thai guys on the island have learned how to give a fire show and are pretty damn good at it, it's memorizing, dangerous and tones their arms.
  5. Tattoos: It's very common for Thai guys to get tattoos here on the islands, and it shows girls a dangerous side or at least a fuck authority side of them which is attractive.
  6. Protection: Most Thai guys know how to fight.  Maybe it's from watching Muay Thai and training since they were a kid, but you don't want to mess with the Thais, they'll come after you like crazy fuckers and kick your ass.  Girls are definitely attracted to this.  
  7. Not Speaking Good English: Okay, this is the weird one, but I've noticed that guys that speak fucked up English get laid much more often.  If you can speak just enough to get by, but not dig yourself into holes or try to explain yourself or talk too much, you'll build up much more sexual tension.  Girls also like a guy with mystery, and not knowing exactly what you are thinking, saying or doing is attractive.
-Incorporating Natural Asian Game-

Out of all of the Asian races around the world, I would bet money that Thai guys fuck more hot white girls than any other, so I took a few things from their game and incorporated it into my own.

First I got a tan, that was easy, learned how to drive a motorbike, and tried to figure out the fire shows, which turned out to be more effort than I was willing to put in.  I never grew out my dreadlocks, but I am much more chilled out and relaxed now that I was before.  I've always wanted tattoos but was scared to get any, worrying about my future and career, but now that I have a few, I don't regret them for a second.  

I also took Muay Thai classes for a few months and had a couple of professional fights, going through that has helped me grow as a man.  

And I even went as far and fucking up my English with girls and seeing how that'd work out for me, which it surprisingly did.  I used to tell the best DHV stories and had come backs to every shit test, and my verbal game was A+.  But then I realized that talking doesn't get you laid.

And I remember JT once saying, "PUAs talk too much."  

Now when I meet girls, especially Swedish girls who have cute accents, I try to talk as little as possible, and when I get a shit test or the conversation is stalling , I just say something else and change the subject, and they assume it's just a language barrier and it works perfectly.  Talking less and acting more will get you laid.

-What You Can Do-

Okay I know it's not really practical for everyone to move to and island and fuck tourists all day, so the things I'd recommend for your everyday game is to realize that there are Asian guys in the world who have never grew up with self limiting beliefs.

It's more a lifestyle that is chilled out and not dependent on the validation of women that gets these guys laid.  They still game though, they're out at the bar every night, usually working as a fire dancer, DJ or bartender.  It shows the importance of getting a job or at least a hobby where girls come to you.

-Getting Started-

If your game is already tight, maybe you just need a lifestyle adjustment.

However, if you need to build up your foundation and learn how to approach, build attraction, get compliance, go for the kiss, escalate sexually, and handle AMOGs, all while figuring out logistics to move the set ahead, then come to Las Vegas and I promise you that in three days and three nights, I'll teach you everything there is to know and more importantly get you out there to push yourself and grow as a man and get the girls you deserve and want.

The ABCs of Attraction model has worked for me for years now, and it's helped hundreds of guys who have been through this same program before, including guys who now get laid on a regular basis and guys that now have long term relationships with their dream girls.

My ONLY Scheduled 2010 Bootcamp!
Las Vegas - March 19th-22nd 2010
Fri/Sat/Sun - 3 Days & 3 Nights!

Warm Regards,
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