Loverboy's Tribute to Sarging & Some Link Love

Just though I'd keep you updated on some recent going on's and changes in the Community.

Loverboy in association with Hoobie (whom I met in LA way back in the Project Hollywood days) have started a new site called Check it out!

Call it stereotypically Asian, but I've always considered LB a mentor of sorts- a Sifu if you will. About 6 months to one year in Game beyond me, I looked to him (and asked him) for the kind of assistance that few others would provide.

I don't really care about being the best, never did. But I'd love to finally met the man- the legend- that I've been communicating with the past 2 - 3 years.

And if you look carefully in the old (not new) Tribute to Sarging videos, my old pre-professional, newbie PUA name is there: JT47319.

Here's to you, Loverboy!

So today's notable links (I know I've forgotten many who have requested so feel free to re-email me as I am very forgetful):

P.S. I'm finalizing an agreement with a publishing company to give out 20 FREE copies of Mystery's new hardback book- The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed as well as review of the new "Magic Bullets" ebook. So stay tuned to hear from yours truly if its crap or if it's ALL THAT!

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