ABCs of Attraction Syllabus (Day 2, 2007)

On Day 2 of class, we cover more advanced body language, deep comfort, direct interest, projecting sexuality, and direct approaches as well as intermediate level exercises and assignments.

Actual class handouts are more detailed in scope, but you can CONTACT US for further information. Here's the General Syllabus of Day 2 of "The ABCs of Attraction" Bootcamp.

The ABCs of Attraction: Day 2

(Four (4) hour class with ten (10) minute breaks per hour)
(Typically starts on Saturday between 4pm - 6pm and ending around 8pm - 10pm)
(Night field session starts between 10pm - 11pm going to about 2am+)

  1. Review and/or Debrief of Night 1 Field Work

  2. Review of (Pre) HW #1 If Not Done on Day 1

  3. Story Telling Exercises (Intermediate)

  4. Revise Day 1's Natural Opener
    1. Create or Fine Tune Natural Stack
    2. Create or Fine Tune Canned Stack

  5. A - Approach & Attract (Seated Sets)

  6. Flirting Female Behavior & IOIs
    1. Verbal Indicators of Interest
    2. Non-Verbal Approach Invitations
    3. The Key Difference Active Daters and Non-Active Daters
    4. Cat String Theory (Exclusive Mentorships Only)

  7. Compliance Testing
    1. The 3 Goals of CT
    2. General/Sexual/Failed Compliance Tests

  8. BLP - Body Language Positioning (Advanced Body Language)
    1. The ONE Goal of BLP
    2. The THREE Ways to Achieve It
    3. The BLP "Whisper" Move - Never Project Again!

  9. Improv/Tonality Exercise (Intermediate)

    1. COMFORT
    2. Emotional and Physical Aspects of Comfort
      1. Wide versus Deep Report
      2. Positive Qualifier (Exclusive Mentorships Only)
      3. Disqualifiers (Exclusive Mentorships Only)
    3. CONNECT
      1. The NINE Effective Connection Tactics
      2. Comfort/Qualifying/Connect Exercise (Intermediate)
    4. Day 2 Homework Assigned

  11. Isolation (Advanced Body Language)
    1. Requirements Checklist
    2. Isolation Excuses
    3. Venue Changing (Exclusive Mentorships Only)

    1. General Attraction vs Sexual Attraction
      1. The SIX Causes of Sexual Arousal
      2. Creating a Sexualized Conversation
    2. General Kino vs Sexual Kino
      1. Proper Kino Escalation
      2. Branding
    3. Phone Close Tactics
    4. Kiss Close Tactics
    5. Sexuality Exercise (Intermediate)
    6. Sexual Escalation Stack (Exclusive Mentorships Only)

  13. Direct Approaches
    1. How/Why It Works or Doesn't
    2. The THREE Common Responses
    3. Direct Approach Exercise (Intermediate)
    4. Direct Verbal Openers
    5. The Structure of a Direct Approach Stack

  14. Improv/Roller Coaster Exercise (Exclusive Mentorships Only)

  15. Cheat Sheet

Signed, Asian Playboy

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