ABCs of Attraction Syllabus (Day 3, 2007)

On the first day of an "ABCs of Attraction" program, we review and do exercises intended to "stick" one's approach (A - Approach & Attract) convey a high level of attraction and confidence through both Verbal and Non-Verbal Game (B - Buying Temperature). We have Canned Openers, Routines, BT Tactics, as well as create personalized Natural Openers and start work on individualized stories and Story Telling.

On the second day of the program, we continue to fine tune a student's approach and more advanced body language through BLP (Body Language Positioning). We then continue on with deeper level of C-Game (Comfort & Connect), how to qualify, and how to create an emotional bond. Moving forward, we start emphasizing Sexual Attraction, Kino Escalation, and Sexual vs General Kino (D - Direct Interest). We also introduce Direct Approaches and various field tested Direct Openers.

On the final day, the student(s) have two options. To either have a full four (4) hour lecture or two (2) hour fashion session with two (2) hour lecture. Either way, we continue to review and practice advanced approaching (including AMOGing and dealing with Takeaway Girls!) and story telling. In the full lecture, we go over E - Extract & Escalate and F - Fun! This involves heavy use and understanding of logistics, time management, location, dealing with Buyer's Remorse, and Anti-LMR tactics. Other topics include Inner Game, Race Coping Strategies, Phone Game, Going on Dates, How to Last in the Game, Day Game, Hired Gun Game, etc.

Here's a top level syllabus (program attendees receive more detailed notes in their "ABCs of Attraction Workbook").

The ABCs of Attraction: Day 3

(Either two (2) hour fashion session with two (2) hour lecture)
(Or four (4) hour class with ten (10) minute breaks per hour)
(Typically starts on Sunday for fashion at 2pm - 3pm. For lecture open, it starts between 4pm - 6pm and ending around 8pm - 10pm)
(Night field session starts between 10pm - 11pm going to about 2am+)

  1. Debrief/Review of Night 2

  2. Review of Day 2 Homework

  3. Class Options
    1. Two Hour Fashion Session w/ Two Hour Lecture
    2. Four Hour Lecture w/ No Fashion
      1. If no Fashion Trip, brief discussion on Fashion
      2. On Being Fashionably Edgey versus Peacocking

  4. A - Approach & Attract
    1. AMOG Sets
    2. Dealing with Takeaway Girls

  5. Roller Coaster Exercise (Exclusive Mentorship Only)

  6. Improv & Attraction Exercises (Intermediate)

  7. Situational Exercises (Advanced)
    1. Beginner Level
    2. Intermediate Level
    3. Advanced Level

  8. Building an Identity
    1. The SEVEN Seducer Archetypes
    2. How to respond to "What Do You Do?"

    1. Extraction (Logistics)
      1. Time Management
      2. Alcohol - Why You DON'T Use It & Why You Should
      3. The FOUR Phases of a Night Club
      4. The THREE Locations in a Night Club
      5. The Pre-Extraction CHECKLIST
      6. Providing an Extraction Excuse
    2. Escalation (Dealing w/ LMR)
      1. "Its not you, it's HER!"
      2. The THREE Anti-LMR Tactics
      3. Buyer's Remorse and How to Deal With It
      4. The INFAMOUS Dance Handjob Technique

  10. The Ultimate Natural Skills Exercise (Advanced, Exclusive Mentorships Only)

  11. F - FUN!
    1. Women's Power Over Men vs Men's Power Over Women
    2. The Sexual Revolution and YOU
    3. Female Orgasms
    4. Getting Better
    5. On Calling the Next Day
    6. When and Why to Next

  12. Phone Game (Full Lecture Only)
    1. Typical THREE Responses
    2. Rules of Thumb for Phone Game
    3. Dealing with Voice Messages
    4. Dealing with No Callbacks
    5. Text Message Game
      1. The ONE thing you should NEVER do!
      2. Structure of Text Message Game
      3. Carpet Bombing
      4. Text Message Openers

  13. Day 2 (First Date) Game (Full Lecture Only)
    1. Homework Assignment #3 (ALL PROGRAMS)
    2. It's a "Hang Out and Hook Up Society!"
    3. Why Some Dates Work and Some DON'T WORK!
    4. Mini-Dates & Time Distortion
    5. Getting Her Back To Your Place
    6. Setting Up The Mood
    7. Pimping Out Your Pad & Bedroom

  14. General Overview of Day Game (Full Lecture Only)

  15. General Overview of Hired Gun Game (Full Lecture Only)

  16. Inner Game
    1. "We Aren't Here to Fix You, But..."

  17. How To Last In the Game
    1. It's Pick Up College!
    2. Possible Followups & Classes to Continue Improving Yourself

  18. Exclusive Debriefing (Case by Case Basis)

  19. Cheat Sheet

Signed, Asian Playboy

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