ABCs of Attraction Syllabus (Day 1, 2007)


The Asian Playboy's 'The ABCs of Attraction'

The initial creation of "The ABCs of Attraction" came about not only as a way to take a total novice and sexually inexperienced man to the next level, but I also wanted it to emphasize certain VITAL key points, namely:
The last points are ESPECIALLY important for the Intermediate Level Pick Up Artists (regardless of race) and MORE importantly for Asian Men as its there that a lot of AMs have a hard time going from the interesting- but asexual guy- to a more dominant, sexual MAN.

Since then, I've expanded the curriculum to include far more information, assignments, material, and exercises for an explosive, jam packed bootcamp.

Before the start of the class and upon receiving their deposit, the student will receive:
    1. The ABCs of Attraction Graph
    2. Three (3) Pre-bootcamp Homework Assignments
    3. Responsibilities & Commitments
    4. Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreement
    5. Payment Form
    6. Recommended Reading (CDs, DVDs, Ebooks, Books, etc)
At the start of class, APB Alumni will receive:
    1. Detailed notes
    2. Detailed syllabus
    3. Daily Homework Assignments
    4. Cheat Sheets
    5. Other materials
But here's a sneak peak at a general level syllabus of the first day:

The ABCs of Attraction: Day 1

(Four (4) hour class with ten (10) minute breaks per hour)
(Typically starts on Friday between 4pm - 6pm and ending around 8pm - 10pm)
(Night field session starts between 10pm - 11pm going to about 2am+)

  1. Introductions

  2. Sticking Points, Goals & Expectations

  3. Overview of "The ABCs of Attraction"
    1. Graph (Class Handout)
    1. A – Approach & Attract
    2. B – Buying Temperature
    3. C – Comfort & Connect
    4. D – Direct Interest
    5. E – Extract & Escalate
    6. F – Fun!

  4. The FIVE (5) Levels of Emotional Intelligence
    1. The difference between being a MAN versus a MANGINA
    2. Beginner versus Average versus Expert
    3. HONEST Flirting vs MANIPULATIVE Lying

    1. Why You Only Need 30 Seconds to Get Her Attracted
    2. Canned Openers (Class Handout)
    3. Natural Opener (Class Handout)
    4. Tonality Exercise (Beginner)
    5. Improv Exercise (Beginner)
    6. Confident Alpha Male Flirting Behavior
    7. Body Language Exercise (Beginner)
    8. Emoting Exercise (Exclusive Mentorships Only)
    9. The THREE Types of Approaches Including Direct Approaches
    10. The KINO Opener
    11. How to Approach Standing Sets Exercise (Beginner)
    12. Why Clubs/Bars are Intentionally Loud and How to Use It to Your Advantage (Exclusive Mentorships Only)
    13. Projection Exercise (Exclusive Mentorships Only)

    1. Why/How BT Works
    2. Examples of Common Tactics (OVER two (2) dozen)
    3. Canned Tactics
    4. Situational Tactics
    5. Verbal Tactics
    6. Body Language Tactics
    7. Fractionating BT Spiking for Best Results

  7. Story Telling
    1. The Mechanics of a Good Story
    2. The Four Types of Stories
    3. Verbal Story Telling Tactics
    4. Nonverbal Story Telling Tactics
    5. Attraction DHV Stories (Class Handout)
    6. Survival versus Replication
    7. Passive Value versus Active Value
    8. Physical Attraction vs Status vs Charisma
    9. Break down of individual Attraction DHVs

  8. Homework either assigned or reviewed

  9. Written Cheat Sheet (Class Handout)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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