ABOUT US: The APB Team (Expanded)

[UPDATE 2010: This "About Us" has been superseded by the official ABCs of Attraction website.]

  1. The Asian Playboy (CEO)
  2. Toy Machine (Approach Coach & Vegas/International Rep)
  3. Jewelz (Wing Woman & Vegas Rep)
  4. Quipster (Technical Intern & Texas Rep)
  5. Bullseye (Business Intern & General Rep)
  6. Social Alchemist (Part-time Intern & Canada Rep)
  7. Johnny Wolf (Part-time Intern & California Rep)

(CEO and International Playboy)

APB TEAM: The Asian Playboy

While I'm usually my own favorite topic of conversation, let's cut to the chase and introduce the rest of the core team members...

How to Get in Touch:
CONTACT FORM - One of us including your respective location rep will touch base with you.

(Approach Coach & Vegas/General/Overseas Rep)

APB TEAM: Toy Machine

Toy Machine took my bootcamp last year in 2006 and even then I could see huge potential in him. What's really impressive with this 5"5 Filipino born American, is that he originally came from a really shy, uncool background. Dedicated to both his short-term and long-term improvement, he made vast improvements in his life and came out of The ABCs of Attraction with a lay report on the last night of bootcamp breaking his TWO YEAR dry spell.

But if THAT wasn't enough, he ALSO broke my 15 minute cold approach to blowjob record in FIVE MINUTES. That's when I knew he deserved a chance to be on the starting floor of my new APB Team (from Intern Instructor graduating to Approach Coach) and I couldn't be more proud of what's he has been able to accomplish through determination, dedication, and having fun helping out students and all our brothers out there.

"I'm the shy introverted short geeky Asian turned certified pimp. 21 yr old college student trying to make big bucks so i can buy love/sex. Found the game when my oneitis turns her back on me for some white guy. Raised in a typical conservative Asian home and was brainwashed through the years to be a giant AFC. I came to APB for some assistance and the rest as they say is history..."

"An ABCs of Attraction Approach Coach and Vegas/General/Overseas Rep. Future role as a Strip Club Game Instructor..."

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[Vegas Wingwoman & Vegas/General Rep]

APB Team: Jewelz

I actually met her for the first time during an Exclusive Mentorship in Vegas through- of all things- one of my Dallas social circles. We ended up hooking up that night and I was impressed with not only her fun, sexual vibe, but also her honest, positive outlook of the Pick Up Scene.

Injecting some much needed estrogen into the mix, she'll be helping out in our Vegas+ Programs as both an Executive Assistant and Vegas/General Rep.

"About me… well, I’m in my early 20’s and yes, I am a female. I dance the nights away and am a Las Vegas Socialite. My personality is one that is extremely non-judgmental, confident, outgoing, encouraging, charismatic, and positive. I know that sometimes it is difficult to approach a woman and know exactly what to say or what not to say. Unlike most women, I have a unique understanding and respect to how men think and act, especially around women. I also have the complete understanding of how women think and react to situations and men.

"I love APB’s Program because it gives the men who deserve to get the woman the confidence and encouragement that they need help finding sometimes. His mentoring will make anyone succeed! I'll be helping Asian Playboy and Toy Machine as their first APB Wingwoman, Executive Assistant, and Vegas/General Rep."


(Technical Intern & Texas/General Rep)

APB TEAM: Quipster

Quipster (Dallas, Texas) was something of a Caucasian American Natural before he started helping out and training under myself and The ABCs of Attraction. But don't let his good looks and athletic build fool you... with a slight lisp and short stature (5"5), Quipster still had to hold down his Game.

Moving to Dallas from a small town, he had to build a social circle from nothing and even succeeded in a bathroom lay in one of the many unisex restrooms here in Dallas as well as becoming proficient in providing Texas women with their first squirting orgasm experience!

"I joined the community 1 year ago, Had great success before joining. But saw where I could improve greatly when moving to Dallas."

"I am a computer geek which females never guess. I am the techie for the APB team as well as the Texas representative for the APB Programs. Hopefully, after much experience, I can be an approach coach some day when I get better at structuring my game."

  1. Lay Report: Unisex Bathroom Pull at Fusion [EXTERNAL]
  2. Tactics: Squirting Orgasms! [EXTERNAL]

(Business Intern & General Rep)

I interviewed Bullseye in Austin and had Toy Machine wing with him for a night. I could see the raw- if nervous- untapped potential in this young, unassuming Asian American man. Although Bullseye had no real Pick Up skills to begin with, he was organized, professional, and hardworking with social skills that make him easy to be around. One day in the not too far future, he'll be both a successful businessman and lady's man.

"Bullseye here, living in Houston. I will be finishing by business degree next May. No game experience other than reading 'The Game,' Mystery's ebook and Juggler's ebook. I'm very active in my fraternity and have a good social circle, so I'm familiar warm approaches and working/expanding Social Circles."

"Looking forward to handling business side of APB, as well as help w/ bootcamps where needed after gaining experience. I would like to focus on day game in the future."


SOCIAL ALCHEMIST (formerly Soundwave)
[Part-time Intern and Canada Rep]

I taught Social Alchemist (then Soundwave) some time ago in Toronto of Canada. Although he hadn't had any formal Pick Up or Dating Bootcamp training back then , he was actively improving himself and taking advantage of all the resources that his Toronto Lair provided.

Working on both his Outer and Inner Game, Social Alchemist has since then been able to turn around his average dating lifestyle and taking full advantage of all the plentiful and beautiful women in his Social Circle. I'm proud to see how this (once upon a time "average") Asian Canadian has evolved and we'll be working together in providing high quality programs for Canada.

"I took APB’s 1on1 bootcamp exactly a year ago.. been in the community for a year and a half now. Based in Toronto. I also took programs with theApproach and some guys who were formerly of Charisma Arts. Finished my undergrad in Accounting and now taking courses to do my professional accounting designation."

"Looking to help out the APB Team with business expansion and/or limited instruction to get my feet wet before I fully commit and become an official team member."

  1. Testimonial: Soundwave (Toronto, Canada)

[Part-time Intern & California Rep]

APB TEAM: Johnny Wolf

Actively in the game since 1995, Johnny Wolf has slept with close to a hundred beautiful women of all backgrounds, various social status, and ethnicities.

For years, he had a map of the world on his wall, with push pins indicating different nationalities of women he had slept with. After the release of "The Game," by Neil Strauss, the seduction community became main stream and Johnny Wolf became very active in the underground pick up community.

"I struggled a lot my first few years, having no real direction or help, especially since I was always interested in girls outside of my race. This is why I am happy to be part of the APB team to help others that were in the same position I was years ago. Sitting through just one night of APB's bootcamp brought my game up an entire level, he helped me calibrate and fine tune the little things that made the biggest positive difference!"

Johnny Wolf now runs The Southern California Lair of Pickup Artists. Leading over three hundred men ages 17-57 in all stages of pickup, Johnny Wolf will also be helping out with the business and instructional aspects of California programs.

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