Testimonial & Bootcamp Lay Report: Toy Machine (Vegas)

"I haven't gotten laid for a solid 26 months... till I met APB hehe... Graduation day and already I felt like a changed man... APB introduced a concept to me called "climbing MT. Everest" but regardless [my first ever one night stand on graduation night] was a solid 8 on my scale. She was older [28], taller, white, and hotter than all the other chicks I fucked (2)... Dork to cool dork in 4 days. Its just like the movies."

From Vegas, I give you a bootcamp testimonial that turned into a lay report on his graduation night. In this case, he added on an extra 1 day of lessons and boy, is he glad he did as it allowed him to kick his 2 year dry spell by picking up a totally big breasted brunette.

Now, I allow the client the option of doing another day of lecture and field work, but a lot of times by the end of the normal 3 day/night bootcamp, we're all too exhausted. But on that extra day and night we finetune everything: go over the student's DHV material, master the class exercises, redo some of the homework I assign, and maybe do a pop quiz or two.

Add some more spit to that polish.

And sometimes, in the case of Toy Machine here, that extra's day worth of lessons is enough to get you laid. Now not only does he still live with his parents (soon to be rectified), but in the ONE MONTH since Toy Machine took my program, he's had TWO HANDJOBS from cold approaches! I sense a lot of potential in this small Asian kid.

So think long and hard if you can afford to miss out on my LAST under $1000 group bootcamp that we're holding in Brazil and Vegas!

Because if I can do it...
and HE can do it...
YOU can do it!
Hey guys this is my first post here so here's a quick backround:

Im 21 years old, 5'4 130lb filipino kid here in las vegas. It sucks being a small guy since I read an article somewhere that said I'm in the bottom 3% of the american male population as far as height goes.

Which means that 97% of guys are taller than me. Plus I also read somewhere that height was a big factor for physical attraction in women. Awesome. So I got into some funky height increase shit like taking weird pills and hanging myself upside down 30 minutes a day. LOL.

Been a KJ for almost a year now since I found the game but I haven't gotten laid for a solid 26 months...till I met APB hehe

I dunno bout the other students but my first impression of APB was like my 5th grade teacher. He didn't care whether you liked him or not as long as you do the work and LEARN something. He was definately not there to be your friend or sit with you and listen to your problems and magically change your life. (Although the program itself was life changing already) After all it is a BOOTCAMP not THERAPY.

And he will be tough.

He didn't hesitate to answer any of my questions either as I was picking his brain all weekend like an annoying little kid. Not only were his answers thoroughly explained but was also backed by his experience with his own life as well as examples from past students and "scientific" shit. I didn't really care about anymore "science" stats since it only helps me to feel more sorry for myself.

All I knew was this small skinny asian guy was fucking alotta chicks and whatever he was doing.. I want in too. Shieet.

Anyways, there's alot of information to take in over the weekend but I found the section on BLPing and having control over your voice especially useful. You can't learn that shit from reading or watching DVDs. Thats more KJ crap. I internalized it by actually DOING it. Everyone learns differently but doing this stuff INFIELD while having a coach "holding your hand" and pointing out miscalibrations RIGHT AWAY helped me ALOT.

I mean I actually thought I looked "cool" putting my foot on top of a table with my arm on the backrest of the sofa while APB was sitting right next to me. APB corrected this right away by telling me that not only did I look homo but it also showed disrespect for the social venue and lowering my value.

Yea I know its common sense but I remember reading somewhere that it was suppose to be "alpha". Throughout the weekend, APB also gave plenty of advice that was directly applicable to me based on what he knows about me and my performance. Most of it was subtle things that I never would have thought of.

Anyways on the 1st day of bootcamp I was pretty chickenshit to approach anyone. I still remember APBs voice in my head "2 set on the left. GO" like a recurring nightmare. I only did 4 sets tonight which pretty much all crashed and burned except for the hired gun lone wolf that lasted about 15 minutes. Whatever, she was paid to be nice to me.

Day2 and I felt I had a better handle on my approach anxiety. Instead of taking 30 seconds to gather my balls, now it only took 15!! Since I was such a fast learner APB felt it was necessary to send me on a mission to bring some chicks over to our table. FUCK.

The first set went well and I manged to bring 5 girls in. We had good conversations, dancing, laughing and all but the hardest thing for me to do at this point was to be a "jerk" to them. They were taking advantage of my niceness and APB told me to kick them out. Cool social guy gets you FRIENDS but not pussy. After they got booted APB told me to stop explaining myself.

When was the last time you heard a girl tell you that she's leaving because she thinks your boring?? Nope, they just go to the "bathroom". Point well taken and I went out to find more chicks. I must've approached about 15 sets before I found a lone wolf blondie that I manged to bring back to the table and K-CLOSE!!!

My first club makeout!!!

By now I was like fuck it and after dancing and making out all over the place I extracted her to the bathroom but I forgot there were bouncers guarding it and he pulled me out of the women's bathroom. FUCK. After about 20 more minutes of hanging out she said she was gonna try to "find her brother" and if I wanted her to come back. I just said no. I wasnt gonna fuck her since her brother and guy cousin drove her and she's staying with her parents at a hotel. So I went and did more approaches till the end of the night.

At this point it was SOOO easy and I even tried to close a lesbian couple with "So are we having sex tonight or what?". They laughed but it didn't go anywhere. But after today I felt I had what it takes to be a successful PUA.

Day3 I was an approaching machine. I was doing 2 sets, mixed sets, moving sets, and even opened a 2 set that was having an argument! LOL. I was totally blown out but the good cop told her friend to "give me a chance to talk". AWWW girls aren't so scary after all.

While I was opening sets all over the place, APB seems to always be able to find me and give me the feedback. On my way back from the bathroom he saw me do a dancing set from ALL THE WAY ACROSS the club on the 2ND FLOOR! lol and this was a big club. He said I needed to chill with the sexual kino cause I end up being catstringed and don't give them a chance to prove themselves. Understood.

Graduation day and already I felt like a changed man. I decided to take APB out to hang with my friends on our usual night spots just to chill and have a good time. I never got into a fight (until recently) and I tried to go fight club with him but he wouldn't do it. I just drank, danced, made new friends, opened all kinds of sets that before just the mere thought of it gave me the creeps.

Even APB seemed like he was having some fun with my female cousin. LOL.

At the end of the night while waiting for APB and my cousin to come out of the club I spot 5'9ish brunette with big titties sitting by herself. She was approached by 2 groups of losers. I felt sorry for her and felt I should "come to her rescue". Good timing cuz APB was on his way out and saw the whole thing.

Opened with "so how did they do?" then bantered and she was surprisingly passing all my compliance tests and I knew something was on. She said she "doesn't usually look like this" and showed me pictures of herself in lingerie. I said "thats how you usually look???"

Apparantly she was a model and felt bad cuz she was covering too much skin. OOOOOK.

I bring her over to the cafe where she met my friends and had some dinner. This is where I finally saw APB in action when he's just being a social guy and not trying to teach anything. Either way I still learned from just watching him. After we ate she mentioned she better leave soon cuz she has to go home and get ready to go to a strip club/nightclub after hours place.

I made up an excuse for her to give me a ride to the fashion show mall cuz my car was there (which was actually true) and she complied. Then in the car I got mischevous and tried to see how far I can go with this. So I told her I lied and my car was actually home. I just wanted to leave cuz I "hadda work early the next morning". I told her it was on the way to her house anyway (it was really 20 minutes PASSED her way) but we just kept talking till we got to my house.

I told her to come in and have a drink since she was so nice but "you can't stay too long cuz I'm REALLY tired and I have to work the next morning". My room is conveniently placed right next to my kitchen so I let her play with my little punching bag. Then I busted out my little head massager thing cuz I had to have it ready when the time comes. =) Escalated...and BAM!

My first one night stand with a 28 year old big boobied MILF. I knew my parents were sleeping so they never found out about my guest. But they were asking about where my car was the next morning. LOL

The only LMRish thing she ever did was when she told me to "not hit on her" when we left the cafe. I just said EWW. She also said when I met her that she was waiting for a "friend". Well the friend thing never came up for the remainder of the night lol.

I was expecting more LMR but I was surprised that it really hasn't come up. I think it was beginners luck. I am still a newbie and have LOTS of things to learn and experience. But I wouldn't have gotten "lucky" anytime soon without a little help. =)

APB introduced a concept to me called "climbing MT. Everest" but regardless she was a solid 8 on my scale. She was older, taller, white, and hotter than all the other chicks I fucked (2).

Dork to cool dork in 4 days. Its just like the movies.


Signed, Asian Playboy


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