[Toy Machine Lay Report] Wanted: Laid or Not Laid

Description: 5"4, 135lb, bad ass Asian student by the moniker, Toy Machine.

Last Seen: 5am, early Monday morning at a 24/7 cafe. Witnesses describe the subject's last seen act was taking home a cute, well-endowed, late twenties brunette.

Crime: Not getting laid since breaking up with his long term girlfriend.

Secondary Crime: Letting the Notorious A.P.B. mess around with the student's female cousin.

Threat Level: They should be considered armed and dangerous. Seduce with caution.

Reward: Learn how to get laid.

Honorable Mentions: Quality from Houston also deserves props for getting laid over the weekend. Again! That's two lays in two weeks since he took an Asian Playboy bootcamp.

Anyways, I'm flying back from Vegas after an exhausting 4 Day Bootcamp. Ciao!

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