What Dating Guru's DON'T Want YOU to Know!

What is it that the BEST of the BEST don't want you to know? What is it that they're TERRIFIED that you can learn that would undermine they're authority?


You can learn it without spending a SINGLE DIME.

How is it that? Well, how did Naturals learn in the first place? They observed. They experimented. They pushed themselves to approach girls at an early age no matter the anxiety, no matter how humiliating or weak their game was. Itlalians have only ONE basic line and that's, "Ciao, bella!" Do that a fifty times a day and they're going to get laid.

So if you DON'T want to spend ANY money in order to learn the dating, seduction, and pick up process, then HANG WITH NATURALS.

There's a REASON why NaturalJ, an incredibly good looking male model who dated Britney Spears, was invited to stay at Project Hollywood (basically for free). So Tyler Durden, Papa, Mystery and Geoff could observe NaturalJ's game. And it wasn't tight Game. It wasn't good Game. But he had Game.

His Game was dissected like a test lab rat. They saw why he had high triple digit lays (more than Mystery and Tyler Durden combined).

And if YOU want to get good WITHOUT spending a single dime, then YOU need to become friends with men who are naturally good with women. And what you'll notice is that they WILL do MANY things that are WRONG (according to convential pick up artist wisdom), but they'll do so many OTHER things RIGHT.

So that's how you can become a successful Don Juan, lady's man, seducer and pick up artist without spending any money. By hanging out and observing men who are naturally good with women. They can't really explain what they're doing right, but if you have an observant eye, you'll see what's going on in the underyling code of the matrix and societal programming.

But there's a dark side to that equation. Something that's only applicable to non-white men. Something that I've seen night in and night out, no matter how many times I've competed (and won or lost against good looking white guys).

I can TROUNCE THE SHIT out of them in many regards (humor, energy, conversation and intelligence), but sometimes.. sometimes... the color of your skin is more important than your Looks. Your Money. And your Game. And I'll discuss that in the next post on this subject.

I'm talking about the dirty, deep, noncommercial stuff that you'll never hear from any dating guru or pick up artist business (after all, if they can sell you the illusion that you can land girls 100% of the time, they'll always be in business). That sometimes... sometimes... the tightest Game you have will only barely match up to the color of your skin and the bills in your pocket.

This is the Asian Playboy. I've gotten into deep, bloody knuckle fist fights with racists (do you think ANYONE else in the business ever had to fight a 6 foot tall racist white boy while you're less than 5 feet tall in the 7th grade? I don't fucking think so). I've been shot down by Asian girls who only loved the white meat. I've been denied by white women who have never once considered having an Asian lover. And I'm telling you, every single non-white man who reads my blog, step up. Fight it!



I know I am. What about YOU?

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