The Asian Playboy's Guide, Tip of the Day #1

All my hook ups had common elements in them that every man NEEDS to learn. I will now begin to dole out my tips for Gaming good looking women you have never spoken to before.

Note 1: This is primarily for nightlife (since that's my primary habitat), but it can be modified for standard day stuff. I do not do internet dating since, to me, that's a fucking waste of time. I'd rather go out to all the places where the hotties congregate, like thirsty gazelles at an oasis.

Note 2: You may disagree for the reasons as to why they work for me. I don't care. Really, I don't. Until you actually FIELD TEST them on real women, you don't know what will actually work or not. If you have read any of my stories, then you know that I am constantly out there having fun, meeting with, socializing with, and basically enjoying the company of multiple women every time I go out.

Note 3: Can be used on white girls, Asian girls, European girls, it doesn't matter. Girls are girls everywhere. In some places, you simply need more Game, but biology is biology and girls around the world react to the same stimuli with some minor, local differences.

Tip #1
Seems obvious, right? You'd be surprised as to how many guys (especially my fellow Asian men) fail this. It's OK. That nervousness- that knot in your stomach- CAN BE OVERCOME. I remember, TO THIS DAY, the first group of guys and girls that I talked to when I first went to my very first bar. I was nervous as hell, but the girls were actually receptive at first to what I had to say. I, however, was very nervous and didn't... couldn't kick things into high gear conversationally.

That fear never really goes away, even years afterwards. Now it simply manifests as some butterflies. But after I do a little socializing, I totally even forget why I was nervous in the first place. It's like a momentary adrenaline rush, conquering that fear. I love the challenge and the opportunities it presents. I learned SOOO much from that single encounter.

The girls WANTED to talk to me, I simply wasn't well versed enough to engage them. Socializing with strangers, making them comfortable, making them laugh, making them sexual, etc. is a SKILL that can be learned through practice and having fun.

The moral of the story is that no woman is going to pick you out of the blue and approach you, unless you're incredibly good looking (talking about a male model 9.5 or a 10 here). There is NO WAY she can magically ascertain your sparkling personality and how deep your soul is if YOU HAVE NOT TALKED TO HER.

YOU HAVE TO GO UP AND TALK TO HER for her to found out about you and JUST AS EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT is for YOU to get to know her beyond what physically attracted you to her in the first place.

This isn't rocket science, people, and I should know since I used to be one. Men have been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years. It's the basic role of men to be hunters and pursuers, a few years of modern civilization haven't changed female biology and what they INSTINCTIVELY respond to.

Society has simply BRAINWASHED you into thinking that you live in this civilized Matrix where, in fact, it's simply a thin cultural veneer over basic human desires, wants, and needs. Society doesn't want you to get the hot girl that have been subconsciously allocated for the ultra desireable men (ie good looking, tall, rich, white, etc.) so you've been instilled with this senseless fear of talking to a beautiful woman. Do you understand how FUCKED up that is? Why should you be afraid? She's beautiful, sexy, charming, etc! She's everything you look for in a woman! You should be DELIGHTED to talk to her.


And yes, if you're just starting out and you're not socially advanced, you WILL get blown out. BUT THAT'S OK. Let me repeat that, IT'S OK. Women and men instinctively understand The Game. It's a natural part of the mating ritual. Some women will be nice, others will be interested, a few won't be excited by you, and even fewer will seriously blow you off. BUT IT'S OK. Simply move on, chalk it up to field experience, and chat up the next beautiful girl.

So go up, smile, and talk to someone.