It's 8AM in the Morning... Do You Know Where Your Student Is?

Bitch, last I heard of one of my students (Buckethead), he was pulling back home. Undetermined whether or not it was or full close or not, but guess what motherfucker?!

I am THREE for FUCKING THREE in getting my students to pull here in Vegas.

That's right, bitches, KING KONG AIN'T GOT NOTHING ON ME!

Alas, the only thing that could put a slight puncture in my big bag of hot air is the fact that I was ONLY able to number close the stripper/pornstar/dancer that opened for the AVN Awards. Damnit, who the fuck cares about a number (no matter how real it might be) I wanted to fuck that little police woman...

My name is Asian Playboy and I'm fucking 3 for 3 for my students in Vegas.


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