Gatsby's Bootcamp Day 4 - Reality and First Cheek-Kiss-Close

"I realized my balls have grown three-fold since I started the boot-camp. I had gone direct on a 8.5, brought her to my table, and had attempted a kiss-close. WOW!"

-Gatsby (NYC)
I now give you Gatsby's final bootcamp report. If haven't you been following along the adventures of the Great Gatsby, here are his reports: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Ah, but wait! There's more! Gatsby's been sending me some of his reports and one of them is his very FIRST MAKEOUT from a cold approach after his Exclusive 1on1 Bootcamp. Stay tuned, true believers!

Day 4 – Reality. My first cheek-kiss-close.

What an interesting night.

We first went to the Meatpacking District to hit up Hotel Gansevoort. Beautiful place. I opened a 2-set, which lasted about 25 minutes. The target Brunette7 was 29, and when I told her I’m 22, I could see the BT just DROPPING.

It was an interesting set because APB said he was 95% sure her friend was a professional whore. I won’t go into details about that.

Then we went to this night club called “PM.” APB noticed right away that this wasn’t the normal “meet-people club.” This is where women come to find guys who have access to money, status, and drugs. He said this is all about survival value – money & status. At the bar, I talked to a 2-set for about 10 minutes to warm-up. Then, I talked to 2 hired guns for another 10-15 minutes. APB and I got a table and I talked to a 2-set, Black5 and a Black7.5. It went fairly well and then the club started to get very crowded.

We sat next to the promoter’s table and I realized that this was truly the night for gold-diggers and drug-seekers. It was a very awkward vibe.

Almost every girl that I saw was eithered high or coked out or really drunk. I also felt the very hostile environment. I could feel the “Who are those Asian guys?” I wasn’t imagining it. I wish I was.

I approach a PuertoRican 8.5 and tell her to come to our table. She asks, “Why me?” I say “Because I walked around the club, and you’re the sexiest girl I saw.” She smiles and tells me that she’ll be there in 5 minutes w/ her friend.

PuertoRican8.5 comes with her Brunette7.5 friend. Banter / interaction begins. Hand-holding, lots of kino, APB literally screams in my ear “KISS-CLOSE.” So I ask for a kiss on the cheeks, she complies with two. But no kiss on the lips. She says, “I just met you!” Grr. Oh well.

Talk for a little bit. I try again. 2 kisses, but no lips. Ahh, so I just go back to my seat. Then, I realized what I had just done and I realized my balls have grown three-fold since I started the boot-camp. I had gone direct on a 8.5, brought her to my table, and had attempted a kiss-close. WOW!

I approached a couple more sets, but nothing of substance. So APB and I call it a night.

Back in the hotel, APB gives me his last lecture. A memorable quote.

“PUA is a competitive sport. Especially for a short Asian man. That’s why you must think faster, be better, and game harder. You don’t have room for mistakes. A tall good-looking white man can do more things right than wrong and still get with the girl. You don’t. That’s just the way it is, my friend.”

So that was my training camp.

Now I’m ready to play.

- Gatsby (New York City)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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