Oberion's Bootcamp#2 Day#1: Pain & Discomfort

"Eariler in the evening, I told him, “yo man, I want to see APB unleashed his potentials, game, and power”

And he did.

The bastard was so smooth that I wasn’t sure which was game and which was really him."

- Oberion
Here is Oberion's first day field report of his second bootcamp which took place in Denver, Colorado as part of my APB's Alumni Discounted Program. As you may remember, Oberion previously took a bootcamp and was now, one month later, preprared to take it to the next level.

The first day, like most bootcamps- even a repeat- was painful. Rest assured, however, even after this one episode, Oberion was ready to get down for the entire weekend and not only make up for the rough start, but be perform even BETTER.

Booyah, my Asian brother!

I made my way to downtown around 9pm and hit up the regular stomping ground with APB who arrived in Denver, CO this wednesday night. In general, we have role models for almost every aspect in our lives.

When it comes to Pickup, my utlimate role model is APB. I want to be at his level or surpass him within a years time. Tonight, I was feeling good … having APB by my side when cruising Denver’s pickup joint. We started the night out at Monark, then headed to Spills, and The Front Porch.


As APB and I strolled through this venue, I asked him what he thinks … Monarck: nice vibe to it, but an isolation nightmare (all the tables were VIP). As we were walking towards to end of the venue, I noticed a cute little waitress. I wasn’t sure if she was the same waitress I spoke to months ago or not.

After opening her, I found out that she was the cute little waitress I opened a while back (the week I got back from Dallas). Once the conversation started to flow, I leaned back into the wall and she continued to talk. I recalled a question I asked her when I first met her

Obe: What exciting thing have you done lately or are you still a boring girl?
HG: hrmm … O an exciting thing that has happened to me lately was that my car got stolen!

-went into some information gather mode at this point, apparently someone stole a Saturn, parked it next to her Saturn, and took off with hers-

Obe: -forgot what type of car she drove, I asked - what type of car do you drive again?
HG: A Saturn

Obe: Hrmm … and here I was hoping you were driving around in a nice little BMW or something. You know what, I don’t think we can be together anymore. I’m actually looking for a sugar momma.
HG: -laughing-

Throughout the interaction, I only lightly kinoed her once and that was at the beginning. After the conversation was over, I went over to talked with APB. He told me that my BL was good, I was relaxed and comfortable. He noticed that HG attempted to kinoed me twice throughout the interaction but didn’t because I didn’t kinoed her after opening.


Right across from the Monarck is the Spills. On our way in, I started talking to the bouncer and try to befriend him, which I did. Of course, some of these bouncer have a short term memory so they probably won’t remember me today (7/21/06) unless I go there often. While I was talking to the bouncer, APB was talking to the hired gun (HB8 or HB8.5). He was running some vibe game with the HB so later she can be cool with us.

Once inside, APB went to get a drink and at the bar counter, APB said, “two on your right” Without thinking, I approached and open the two set (HBblue and HBblack), ran my routine (started with the million dollar question) and for the first 5 minutes, things were going well, the girls were laughing, responding, and general attraction.

HBblue said she would spend all the money. HBblack said she was invest 50 and spend the other 50. I gave her the rock and noticed that she had a ring on her ring finger … damnit, that’s my target too :) .

Then I kept on talking and plowing … the girls were laughing but after the interaction APB told me, “you … became … the guy that enjoy listening to his own voice.”

So the solution to this was: get their input, acknowledge their input, let them take over the conversation. I’m not there to be their friend, I’m there to fuck them.

We grabbed a table and observed the venue. The hired gun approached us and told us that if we need anything to let her know. This is when APB run his game and how sweet it was.

Eariler in the evening, I told him, “yo man, I want to see APB unleashed his potentials, game, and power”

And he did.

The bastard was so smooth that I wasn’t sure which was game and which was really him.

@The Front Porch

As we made our way into the venue, we saw two set down the stairs, APB said, “easy two set down the stairs, perfect situation, you walk down and open.” Alright cool, cool. We made our way down the stairs and I opened them immediately, no hesitation, and the set lasted more then 15 minutes.

I opened them with the routines APB and I developed back in Dallas and it hooked them into the conversation but there was little general attraction. I kindly thank them for their thoughts and went to get a debrief from APB. So far, I’ve gotten different responses from my openers, none of them have been consistantly the same.

The night was going my way, I’m opening sets without a second thought. Then I wanted to check out this new place called Funky Buddha. As we were making our way to my car, I saw this mixed set (1 guy and 1 girl) and decided to ask them if they knew where Funky Buddha was

Obe: Hey guys, quick question, do you know where Funky Monkey is?
HB7: ummm … Funky Monkey, I’ve heard of that place but I don’t know where it is. My friends know where it is.

LOL, noticed we both said Funky Monkey instead of Funky Buddha. The dudes standing around knew I had the name wrong but I didn’t care.

I subconsciously did exactly what APB did earlier in the day with a hire gun. He would ask a hired gun a question and at the same time, continued to walk, forcing her to turn around acknowledge and answer him, so I subconsciously did the same thing.

The moment I asked my question and continued walking, HB7 disengaged the guy and walked toward me. She basically blew him off! APB told me later that it was an IOI and I could of gamed her accordingly. Missed opportunity … ah well, live and learn. We droved by Funky Buddha and it was like a little ghost town.


The bouncer let us in without checking our IDs, which was cool and the hired gun came up to me

HG: Back for some more huh?
Obe: Of course, but it looked like someone has taken our table.
HG: If you told me that you were coming back, I would of held the table for you

After this, I was waiting for APB to get inside … he walks in

APB: I see … 3 sets, 2 sets, 3 sets, 4 sets, take your pick and go
APB: 3 sets by the bar, go

Okay so here comes the problem for the rest of the evening and I don’t know how to explain it. I was cruising along earlier feeling like I could approach any set but now … that confidence is gone. Gone. I tried to pysched myself backup but it wasn’t working. I didn’t open another set until the final hour, a lone wolf (HB8.5).

She was just standing there by herself and looking like she wanted someone to talked to. As APB walked away to game the hired gun, I opened her with the ‘I love you’ routine. It came out all fucking wrong, I was stuttering, forgot the words, and was ready to tell the girl, “you know what, forget it.” But she stuck around to listen.

I reframed and ran the open correctly. She was bending down to hear what I have to say and responding to me. APB rolled by, bumped into my leg, and real quickly, gave me instruction to have her sit down. After she was done giving me her input, I scooted back and patted the open space next to me.

She then sat down next to me and our lips were about inches away from each other as we continued to talk. I wanted to turn this situation into sexual energy but couldn’t quiet push myself into doing it. Run comfort and connection material motherfucker, that’s what I need to do. In any case, after this set, I felt better again.

Quiet frankly, I don’t know what to say, I didn’t get blown out of any set I approached tonight but yet, I’m still not doing it. I left APB at Spills while I made my way home. Why I left him there … that’s a blog for another day.

[APB: I had made out with the waitress and was trying to extract her to Oberion's place 30 minutes away. Fun, but a failed attempt.]

Tomorrow, it’s going to be different because I’m calm, confidence, and in fucking control.

- Oberion (Denever, Colorado)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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