Oberion's Bootcamp and Field Report Day 1: Ready? Sets? Go!

"First off, I just like to give props to APB.

This guy is just FUCKING amazing.

No one in Denver top this guy, and I mean no one."

With permission, I am posting up Oberion's, an Asian brother from Colorado, field report on his first night of bootcamp that we held a few weeks ago.

He actually wrote up field reports for all three nights which is something that I encourage guys to do (keeping their own journal, blog, whatever) for all their field (mis)adventures so that they can track their progress months down the road and aren't making the same mistakes over and over again.

I'm also going to be having a followup bootcamp with him in July (at the discounted price since he signed up for multiple workshops) now that he's got a handle on his initial sticking points and we'll be able to tackle more advanced issues.

The time is now Friday June 9th 2006 at 4:12am (Denver time) or 5:15am (Dallas time). APB just left here maybe about 30 minutes ago after debriefing me for 2 hours.

First off, I just like to give props to APB. This guy is just FUCKING amazing. No one in Denver top this guy, and I mean no one.

Around 4pm (Dallas time), I finally got a chance to meet APB, the man of the hour. We met downstairs in the lounge area and then made our way up to my hotel room to start the bootcamp.

We started with some basic background to developing stories to body language to practice approaching. It was a good 5 hours of practicing and going over things. We developed some routines based on my personality.

After dinner, we head over to the O-Bar.

The O-Bar is an interesting place, it is almost like 5 degrees in Denver except that the music isn’t as loud. When we first got here, it wasn’t that pack because people were making their way over to from the American Airline arena (basketball game). The two of us walked round a bit to see what was good. At this point, I was nervous, absolutely fucking nervous.

Final destination before shit hits the fan was the patio. There we watch more people come thru. APB noticed a black chick sitting behind me (a lone wolf) and told me to open her when she gets off the phone. Maybe about 5 minutes later, she stop checking her phone but I didn’t have the nerves to open her just yet … when I did, she was back on the phone. Pissing me off right?

I asked APB where the restroom was so I can take a leak. I went to bathroom and did my thing … there I pounder how to open this girl … then I remember reading a FR on mystery’s method forum. The opener this guy used was the “cell phone opener.” I took a deep breath and walked towards my target.

My approach:

Set 1 - single set:

Sat down at her table. Cell phone opener … went into my canned opener … went into the story behind my canned opener … target didn’t bit … kept on plowing … went into story 1, got her input, acknowledged her thoughts … starting to get somewhere. Went into story 2 … she was cracking up laughing and kinoing me. I went into some fluffs … asked her who’s she here with … complimented her on her independence attitude (should of high five her but didn’t) .. threw out my BT … went right into a DHV story … talk about the crap ass highway system they have here in Dallas … she laughed some more.

Went into her relationship status … found out that she has a BF and been dating him for 2 months … Asked how they met … accidentally … I said “yeah right, you forcefully bumped into him, you are such a bad girl.” Tested the water … asked how is that going … answered so far so good (nothing negative to say about her current BF). She suggested that right now, the BF is showing his best qualities. Told her that she should watch Chris Rock “Bigger and Blacker” because Chris Rock said the same thing. She laughed some more.

Went into the “I love you” theory … more fluffs. told her that I had to run and meet up with my friend (APB). She asked me for my name … I forgot hers (angela or something). Set lasted about 20-25 minutes.

problem with this set: I didn’t kino, had the attraction thing down, but didn’t kino at all. I talked faster then normal but not as fast as I am nervous.

positive with this set: I kept on plowing, kept on talking, and finally she cracked and started to give her input … it went from 90-10 to 50-50 by the time I ejected.

Set 2 - two set:

APB pointed out the set, went in, kinoed her and forced her to turn to me (gently of course), she complied, went into my canned opener … she had to think about her respond … gave her the background to the canned opener … her breath was reaking a bit, I wasn’t patient enough to plow thru this set … tried to get the other girl to participate but I wasn’t projecting my voice enough … ejected. Set lasted about 8-10 minutes.

problem with this set: I wasn’t plowing, didn’t feel any attraction, wasn’t patient enough to build more attraction, didn’t project my voice loud enough, had to repeat myself WAY too many times.

Positive with this set: opened first two standing set. initiated kino at the entry and upon the exit

bounced to another venue

Set 3 - mixed set (2 females, 1 male):

APB had to push me into open this one, I was shutting down mentality and physically. APB led me outside and started to talk to HB1 and I started talking to HB2, asked her what happen earlier in the bar, got the scoop, the male came in, brought him into the conversation, started to amog him (in a friendly term because he wasn’t hostile), asked how they all know each other … didn’t get a solid answer but no problem.

Told them how I got lost 6 times trying to find my hotel with a GPS system in my car. They laughed and understood where I was coming from. APB came and cockblock the male, now I had both of the HBs. HB1 kept on talking about the same shit so I busted her balls on that, told her to shut up so that we can talk about other things, ignored HB1 a bit, talk to HB2, HB1 kept on trying to interfer, I kept on talking over her and forcing my own thread. HB2 decided to shit test me by saying “you’re asian.” I told her, “what the fuck are you?”

She said, “I’m japanese.” I said, “And you are calling me asian?! WTF?” She started laughing and introduced herself to me. Her name is Yuki. I don’t remember HB1’s or the male’s name. APB brought the male back in and I started to talked to the male. Fluffs and bullshit. Set lasted about 20-25 minutes.

problem with this set: hestiation, brain shutting down, AA was kicking in.

positive with this set: amogged the male, be the alpha with the two girls, kinoed a bit more, later befriend the male since they all knew each other for a while.

Set 4 - single set:

She was standing by herself in the parking lot. APB saw her and said, “Open her.” I hestiated a bit but did it. I went in with the cell phone opener again… she was waiting for her friends … fluff … talk about the high way … talk about getting lost … just shit talk … Set lasted about 8 - 10 minutes.

problem with this set: didn’t attempt to lead the conversation anywhere, had the attaction but didn’t add anything. didn’t kino.

positive with this set: everything that was discussed was all made up on the fly.

I could of definitely opened more sets but my AA was still pretty high. Once I opened, I just kept on talking. When I lower my AA, I should be good. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s bootcamp.

Going to bed now.

-Oberion (Colorado)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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