To Pull or Not to Pull... That is the Question

So I've learned through hard experience not to pull the night BEFORE a bootcamp, but I want to put this question (and poll) to you guys, should instructors go for the lay while teaching?

I'm still tinkering with Night Game Policy, but I generally don't try and pull a girl other than doing approach demonstrations and bringing a student into set. While it can help overcome limiting beliefs, once the instructor is gone, he's gone and the student is left to fend for himself without any feedback.

I was faced with this situation this Friday while doing a bootcamp with a Dallas Lair member.

I opened this hot HBBlondeMILF with fake breasts and platinum blonde hair with the oldest pick up line in the book, "Hi", and pretty much had her from there. At one point, I simply interrupted her, told her to wait one minute, while directing the student to a nearby set, debriefing him and ignoring the girl.

After helping him into set and critiquing him for a dozen sets, the HBBlondeMILF was still sweating me at 1AM. At which point, bless his dark evil heart, the student whole heartedly said I should pull her. This was ameliorated by the fact that he had performed about a dozen approaches and encountered another Dallas Lair Member who he winged with for the next half hour that was left in the night while watching me run Game on her.

Again, it's a question about Night Game Policy and there are disadvantages and advantages to each. Every student comes in with different expectations though they generally fall into a few categories:

There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to both expectations. If a student doesn't see a proper pick up in action, he doesn't necessarily know how to implement it because it does take a while to internalize that thinking process and habits, how to create and maintain attraction in women, moving them around the club/venue, etc.

On the other hand, I'll approach on demand and within reason, and while it's great and can help kill your limiting beliefs, I'm going to pull that hot chick if I'm continuously being asked/demanded to approach. As a professional, I realize that the student is paying for lessons, but a student also needs to realize that he's paying for a PUA. A seducer, a player, a heterosexual man that's putting off his wants/desires in order to teach.

At a certain point, if I KNOW it's on with a HB9 or HB10, I WILL pull. Does this happen all the time for me? Of course not. I don't consider myself to be at Mystery level caliber and never claimed to. I'm good, but I'm not "The World's Greatest Pick Up Artist." I leave that up to the big boys. Most average nights to me are solid kiss closes, good nights are full makeout with a bounce, and really good ones are either pulling or getting a handjob/blowjob. The bad ones are when I get some racist/prejudice thrown in my face.

The compromise I have now as part of my Night Game Policy is an X amount of demonstration sets of a certain quality and NO pulling a chick within the first hour or so. After that (either amounts of sets or time surpassed), all bets are off.

So what do you guys think? Should instructors pull an attractive women while doing bootcamp instructing or not?

Please either comment or vote on the poll in the upper right corner.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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