LAY REPORT: Asian Man White Girl in Vegas by Lvonis

"I took her to my room and we continued making out again. At that time, since I played my earlier game correctly, I did not get any LMR from her.

Then the "FUN" began. It was "FUN" until 9 AM..."

LV Onis, one of my Vegas students, sent me his testimonial and lay report. Maybe it's the weather and women are getting more randy, maybe Asian men everywhere are getting more aggressive, or maybe I'm becoming a more experienced instructor ever since I finetuned my syllabus and curriculum, but recently my Asian students have been achieving a lot more in the field.

LV Onis got laid his first night of the bootcamp with a pretty white woman, several students have had makeouts during bootcamps, and my last Asian Canadian student got a handjob from a cutie white girl on a cold approach at a club we went to.

Women everywhere be on notice, you're going to learn why "Once you go Asian you can't go Caucasian!"

Anyways, some highlights of the Vegas bootcamp:

My One-Nite Stand in Las Vegas on the first day of 2on1 bootcamp w/ APB!

I guess the heading sort of gave up the ending a little bit, but I am going to walk you step by step what happened during the bootcamp w/o inundate you with all the details/jargon. LOL

Well the first day of the 2on1 bootcamp started w/ lectures and exercises. We learnt about ABC of the game on the first day and DEF on the second day. We practiced a lot of small details on how to approach and not just what to say. This helped me a lot because I was confused with all the theories out there on the net. So it took us about 5 hours to finish the first day lesson.

So, we started our on-field practice a little bit after dinner, but I mentioned to APB that this was Vegas and everything started late. We hit this club off the strip. As I predicted it was not too busy yet when we got there, but that should gave us some time to warm up practice.

So, I opened this one set and right away she was giving me attitude. Well I was not prepared to neg her on the first set, so I just left her and said "NEXT". APB told me that I should have neg her when she was giving attitude.

Then, he told me to open another 2-set mix and I got some responds but did not follow up on it. I should have just plow and plow then. It lasted for about 5-10 mins. APB then corrected me on my mistakes such as my BL and couple other things.

Then, he told me to open another single set, which I did. I actually got pretty good respond. I was able to opened her, got some IOIs from her and was able to do compliance test by taking her to introduce to our group. But I felt the energy on this girl was low so I exited from the set.

APB then criticized me on couple of the mistakes and told me about the social proof. So far, my mentality was just "NEXT" and not worry about the one before. All this time APB was also watching the other student.

Then, we moved to another dance floor. There APB and I saw a three-set and he opened them. I then joined as a wing man to the group. This was my first time I did a wing man game, so later on APB mentioned couple of the mistakes that I did.

Further on, while we were gaming these chicks, I saw another girl, HB 8 Blondie not far from us. Turned out she actually was part of the group that we opened. So after a little delay, APB told me to open that girl. So, I opened and gamed her and got a lot of IOIs. Not long after that, I was actually c***block by one of her friend. Her friend actually pulled her from me and moved to another location. I was a little devastated and did not know what to do.

Luckily, APB came to the rescue ( was so nice to have someone there to tell you what you did wrong or what you were missing in your game instantaneously). So, he told me to game her friend. In the past I probably would just let the chance slip away. So, to practice my new technique, I went for it. I gamed her friend for a little bit and during that time, my girl was giving me IOIs, so I know the game was on. To my surprise, it worked. Her friend basically let me back in to the game with her.

Then, I started BL Manipulation, Kinoing her, and did more of BCD. I isolated her and connected w/ her a little bit. And I compliance tested her and she passed. So, I kept thinking to myself, We'll see how far I could take my game. Then, on the dance floor I kept escalating it on "D" stage by kinoing her, etc.

One point I would like to make her was that I tried (probably - don't really count them) kiss test her so many times and I failed. But that did not deter me from the game at all. As long as you kept playful way of teasing/testing her and not getting mad when she did not pass your kiss test.

Every time I failed, I just kept escalating my "D" stage. At this point I just went w/ my instinct and what I have learnt before cause we had not cover this area earlier during the day. But the next day when we were reviewing the lesson, I knew what I have done right that night. Then, I encountered some AMOG tactics by a guy but luckily I was able to keep the situation under control. The next day we also learnt how to do anti AMOG tactics, so now I know how to handle when something like that happen to me again.

Her friends also came up to us because we were gone for more than half hour, so they were just checking on their friend. They asked me to take care of her and I said I would. Then, I continued to escalate my game with her before moving to the next step "Extraction". She finally passed the kissing test after her friends left to another dance floor.

From that point on, we were making out on the dance floor for a while. Then, I extracted her from the club by herself. If you want to know the specific detail on this you just have to ask APB or myself directly. On the way home, APB told me to stop negging her since it was not warranted anymore at that point. I realized that it is one of my biggest weakness over the weekend that I have to work on.

By the time we got to my place, I took her to my room and we continued making out again. At that time, since I played my earlier game correctly, I did not get any LMR from her. Then the "FUN" began. It was FUN until 9 AM and it was time to go to bed since I still got the rest of my bootcamp. There it was my one nite stand on the first day of the bootcamp by APB.

The last two days, we just moved on to more advanced stuffs and did a little bit of field practice. It was totally my fault since I was still high from the first nite success. Something that I did not want to mention to APB or myself was that my ultimate goal for the bootcamp was to get one complete game (One Nite Stand), which happened on the first nite.

Then, APB had to push me harder for the second and third nite. I was also able to open a set of 8-10 people (mix set) and got even a shoot from them that got me really wasted that nite. APB also told me to keep my eyes on the goal (woman) when I opened mix set since I just ended up befriending the others. LMAO

I would not trade this experience with anything else. Thank you to APB for showing me the game and open up the door to a whole new world. I will keep working on my game especially the points that you gave me on debrief at the end of the bootcamp.

Look forward to see you all on the fields.

-LV Onis (Vegas)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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